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will great america theme park will have fireworks on new year's eve?

if so where exacly?if not, where can i see fireworks in san jose?

do we hav to pay? wats the best time to go before is so crowded?

thanks in advance...

PS. this is my first time watchin fireworks

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    Great America is closed until the end of march and only does fireworks in the summer months. I'm not sure if any place is doing fireworks on New Years Eve around San Jose. You may want to check out Vegas or Disneyland for fireworks.

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    I would say yes they usually do. The best would be in the park but you have to pay to get in. I am sure San Jose has some aswell downtown. You can call the city hall and ask them. But you are so close to San Francisco why not see a better show there?

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    Great America usually has fireworks on July 4th, but I'm not so sure about new year's eve. If i did have fireworks...yes you have to pay to get in the theme park itself.

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