Computer restarts with factory settings?

I normally Leave my computer in standby mode Because when i shut it off, its like it was never turned on before. I still have all my data, but i have to sometmies have to reinstall drivers, help please.

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    Inside the computer is a small battery, usually of type CR2032 known as the BIOS battery or CMOS battery. This battery holds information on the computer settings while it is turned off so that when you turn it on it knows what hard drive you have, cd rom etc..

    The batteries do last a few years but they do run out.

    Speak to your local computer shop about changing this or if you know what you are doing you could do it yourself (observing static precautions). It is a very cheap repair.

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    Your laptop could have incorporate a restoration CD/DVD once you receive it. It includes production unit put in working gadget and elementary utility. you ought to insert it into the laptop and tell your laptop to boot from that CD/DVD before it tries to boot domicile windows. you're able to do this by employing the two entering BIOS to alter your boot sequence, or choosing a "Multi Boot" decision if obtainable once you once you restart your laptop. to alter your boot sequence in BIOS so as which you will load the restoration CD/DVD, restart your laptop and you could see something like "Press DEL (or F2 or something comparable) to pass into setup". shop tapping the main specific for setup before the domicile windows reveal shows up till you get into the BIOS, then seem for the boot sequence website, pass the "CD/DVD Rom" to the precise of the boot sequence, shop and go out. Now once you restart lower back with the restoration CD/DVD interior you could see "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD". on the different hand, and in all possibility somewhat greater handy, seem for a multi boot or substitute boot sequence message once you're restarting your laptop, press the main specific for it and pass the CD/DVD force as much as the precise of the record. this could aid you boot off the restoration CD/DVD. in case you lost your restoration CD/DVD, you additionally can use any reproduction of domicile windows in an analogous way, see you later as you have a key for it. this could set up domicile windows without the bloatware of restoration cds. this could sound complicated, even nonetheless it incredibly is unquestionably extremely common as quickly as you artwork it out.

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    Likely multiples or unrecognised -systems-programs intalled-if you are using XP windows-try to restore to any earlier points that you might thinks the best points - workable -previously

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    If your computer is not working properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

    Detailed instructions at

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