Why our consciousness suffer from dualism?

Some psychologists compare our consciousness with iceberg.

The small visible part of this iceberg is our logical consciousness.

And the unseen (underwater) greater part of the iceberg is

our subconsciousness. Therefore they say, the man uses

only 10% of possibility of his brain.

And if it so, why doesn,t anybody teach us how

to develop our subconsciousness.

I think it is because there are few people who understand

that the processes of subconsciousness are connected

with quantum processes. The subconsciousness theory

closely united with quantum theory.

These quantum processes which take place in lifeless

(inanimate) nature also take place in our brain.

Our brain can be the laboratory in which we can

test the truth of quantum theory.


1. Nonlinear dynamic process.

2. Vacuum process.

3. Superconductive process.

4. Holographic process.

5. etc.



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  • 1 decade ago
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    In a given domain of knowledge, dualism involves the existence of two fundamental principles (or concepts), often in opposition to each other. What precisely 'dualism' then entails depends on the context. So in order for dualism to exist the two principles would be opposing one another. And I don't see that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your question is a little incoherent. I thought dualism requires opposites. The subconscious affects the conscious in an unconscious manner. Like instantly choosing the blue pencil instead of the pink pencil. You chose the blue one because you've been subconsciously trained to believe that blue is masculine and pink is feminine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The very question arises out of our conscious-upper-iceberg-dual mind only. The other name for our mind is Duality. Mind understand objects and events by opposite words. Words are dual in nature. Heat x Cold.. man x woman.. good x bad etc.. These are only needed for human being..the producers of useless sounds called languages..used for conscious materialistic-luxurious-more wanting civilisation..and not for Non-human beings. If you take out the minimal linguistic parts from the brain the balance hard-disc (sub-conscious) is for all other metabolisms like gowth,sustenance and decay of our Body-factory. Do you know one thing we never do anything than speaking and thinking in terms of dualistic colourful words by conscious mind. Whereas our Sub-conscious do all important works like breathing, heart-beating, assimilating etc.,silently without any gap in it for a lengthiest years.. So we can not teach or modify the God given- God-programmed Sub-conscious mind. And it shall be good to be uncontaminated ever!

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  • 3 years ago

    Wow Subconsciousness and quantum physics? great mind's eye , yet fake. Subconsciousness isn't something developed , its something you will come across , that's yet floated up on your awareness. as an occasion you do no longer in basic terms like the lady whose voice is intense tone .you donot understand why . Its because of the fact your mothr has particularly many times yelled at you. coming up strategies isn't something to do with subconsciousness. Psychologist use this term specifically to describe our hidden prefer , truma or scar or wish.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    and a duakaduakaduakadu,as Roger Miller might have said. in fact he did say it. (check spelling)


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