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I am going to buy the Nintendo Wii?

Anything I should know about it, before I buy it? What are the price ranges for one, etc...

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    They don't have enough Wii available right now, so it's kind of hard to buy it...same goes for the controller, they don't have enough in stores. I got one for someone as a Christmas gift and I had to stand around all night long...that was worth it though!

    Price is $250(Canadian, I don't know in Japanese, it will be 25000 YEN) before taxes, it's not that expensive and it's fun! They come with Wii Sports which lets you play few sports games.

    Lots of people are stupid enough to complainin that they broke their TV by throwing the controller...which they are not made for throwing! So as long as you don't do that, you can keep your TV and Wii's controller live longer.

    They have this thing called "Wii Points Card" which you can purchase them from pretty much anywhere as long as they carry Wii stuff. You simply punch in the numbers on the card, put points in the Wii, and you can buy games online through the system. They don't have many games that you can download yet, but they will have more. It doesn't cost a lot either...about $25 for 2000 points at Zeller's.

    Oh and yes, you can go online with this thing...You can surf and what not.

    I hope this helps!

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    the NIntendo wii is not to "rot your mind" it is acually great exersice , your swinging your arms everywhere,i dont know when the next wii comes to north america but i do know the it ranges from 225$-250 ( not includeing tax) the 1 down side is if you get out of control with it the strap the conects the controller to the nunchuck, is known for breaking, and some people have broken hi derinition TVs, nintendo is now working on a stronger strap. My advice is if your calm go ahead and buy it its lots of fun, if your not so calm i recommend not playing it on a hi definition plama tv ( if you have one)

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    They're 250.00 USD, and be prepared to hunt one down, because you're one of millions who want to buy one.

    They're very very very fun to play, it comes with a game packed-in, and I would reccomend getting Legend Of Zelda along with it.

    WEAR YOUR WRIST STRAP! Check out for proof that it's important. That's my two cents, I have one in my home, and it's totally worth the money/wait.

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    in walmart

    i think it coses $250 in walmart

    cool it's like your in the real game

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    it will rot your mind.

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    Its sold out man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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