what is wrong with Evangelical churches and are those churches practices extreme vision of Christianity?

They seams to interpret every thing from the bible which makes the church to clash with modern society. Many of my evangelical friends opposed my ideas on abortion. I believe that the woman has the right to chose only if her health is threatened or she was raped or the baby health is in danger. I believe that we are not approaching to end time rather this a cycle found in human nature because man has always been at war with man, nature and themselves. Most of them even call me name that I am not a Christian for having those ideas. Another problem is the gay issue. I am against it but believe that we should accept one another with love and respect for we all god's children. We man do not have the right to judge. They view sex is crazy and they are scared to discuses it. Some of them refused to view rated movies above pg 13 like r or ma. Music than gospel music are forebrain and the list goes on and on. What is wrong with them?

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    I am a Christian, but I have problems with fundamentalist Christians, you know the ones that believe everything occurred exactly as it is written in the Bible. But at the same time I respect those people for having so much conviction and following their beliefs so strongly.

    It's almost pointless to discuss your views with them I'm sure because I've known people like that also who are so rock solid in what they believe that they won't even listne to anything you have to say. It's very easy for them to say what someone else should be doing, but if they were in a position where they had to actually tackle a big issue that they felt strongly against, I bet they would be torn between both sides of the issue. I know because I used to be so stubborn about what I believed and then when you get put in a controversial position, the real world hits and you have to decide what is best for everyone involved.

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    WEEDG: Everyone has the right to be wrong - called freedom of choice ! Your, own, views are "religious" in their approach too !!! You hold your opinion (however, self-righteous), you deem your opinions as more "right" than your evangelical friends ? ... Correct ? !!! You will come to realize, that the world is full of people (non-religious), who do not agree with your views (nor mine) !!! Life is a learning experience - an education !!!

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