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Does running reduce thigh muscle mass?

What exercises reduces thighs's muscle mass

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    its called the eliptical machine, and ya it helps lose calories and all that good stuff. and yes running (for long distances, NOT short) will decrease thigh mass. have you ever watched a marathon before? all those guys have the skinniest thighs (and bodies) because there bodies have adepted to that type of excercise.

    So get out and start running!

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    No it won't. It may even enlarge your thigh muscle groups. Doing the proper workout can diminish your thigh muscle tissue. I'm not definite which recreation will lessen thigh muscular tissues. I gotta ask my dad who is a fitness center trainer. No longer utilising your legs is the worse ever factor to check out. You're going to usually get mattress sore and you'll must do strengthening exercises after your muscle groups have reduced in size so that you can stroll. Don't try to now not walk for just a few months. I'll reply your query about other workouts that can lower muscles as quickly as viable after I ask my dad.

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    Are you talking about muscle or fat? If you have fat on your thighs, general weight loss will help and you can do this by an overall cardiovascular exercise program. If you're talking about muscle, just don't use those muscles as much as previously and they will go down by themselves.

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    running will get rid of any fat on it.... you cant really reduce your muscle mass. the only advice i can give ya for that, is to not exercise it. exericsing builds and tones muscle. it doesnt make it smaller.

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    The eliptical machine. It really tones but also makes you leaner.

    Source(s): J balla shouldn't correct spelling when he can't he even spell exercise. There is no spell check for elipitical but there is for exercise and adapted.
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    No. But squats does wonders to increase it.

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