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what is the cost of downloading any movies/series from you-tube?

i have been told that on other sites people have been charged for downloading any of their popular programs,but on you-tube they don' this correct? i would like to download the second series of Supernatural,but if it going to cost me i wont be doing it.

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    as far as I know you can't download stuff from youtube.

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    stuff from youtube is free to watch. But if you want to download it, then you will have to do some downloading of programs from different places. It is possible to download them, just takes a little bit of work. Keep in mind that youtube videos are not very long, like 10-15 mins max. so it might be a pain to watch/download a whole episode...

    How to Watch YouTube on Your iPod:

    Firefox (Windows only)

    1. Add the Greasemonkey extension to your Firefox browser.

    2. Go to and install the Download YouTube Video script.

    3. The next time you watch YouTube, you'll see a Download Video option beneath the screen. Click it to save the file to your desktop as QaQw9V4Upj4.flv or whatever.

    4. Install and launch the free Super video converter (

    5. Select Apple - iPod from the Output Container option, and then the output video codec H.264/AVC. Set size to 320 x 240. If you get an error message when converting, unclick the Use DirectShow button. Otherwise, drag the converted file into iTunes and it's ready for viewing.

    Safari (Mac only)

    1. Go to a YouTube video page, wait for it to load, and open Safari's Activity window.

    2. Double-click the URL of the video file - it's the largest one - to download it.

    3. Rename the file something better than QaQw9V4Upj4 - say, Skateboarding Bulldog.

    4. Drag and drop it into the free iSquint converter ( and - presto! - an iPod-optimized video file for your iTunes library.

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    if you can download it shouldn't cost. but I think that they will be charging soon I hear.

  • i've downloaded stuff from youtube, and its free as far as im concerned..

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