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Italy or alaska?

heres the deal i can go to alaska or italy. ive already been to italy and i really miss it but iive never been to alaska; which do i chose?

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    It really depends on how much time you have. Are you talking about a trip, or relocating? I was born and raised in Alaska, lived there for over 20 years. I also spent much time in Italy, that is even where me and my husband were married. So, here are my thoughts. I have been all over this world and have rarely seen any place as beautiful as Alaska. You have already been to Italy, and as much as it has to offer, maybe you should consider heading north on this one. If you go, don't waste much time in Anchorage. It's just another city, the same as any American City. It's full of people who are NOT Alaskans. They moved there to get away from wherever they came from, then complained because it's not like where they came from, and have turned it into "Anytown, USA". On the flip side of that, it can be nice to spend a few days deep sea fishing out of Homer and viewing all the wildlife that will boggle your mind, then driving back up to Anchorage and spending a few days in the shadow of the Chugach Mountains, eating at gourmet restaurants and taking in some theatre. Depending on how you are getting there and how much time you are going to spend there, you can take a cruise along the Inside Passage, spend time on the Kenai Peninsula, or drive or take the train up to Denali National Park. Any of these options offer scenery and adventure that I can't describe in words. The landscape is truly humbling, I never, and I mean never, got tired of the beauty I was surrounding by my entire life growing up there, and there are days I ache to be there again. If you must spend time in Anchorage, just use it as a hub to all the other great places. And be sure to go to Girdwood and eat at the Double Musky. Best steak in the country. I'm serious about that.. look it up. But remember, Alaska is HUGE, and you can't just hop in a car and take a day trip to most of these places. You need to plan. It's full of once in a lifetime opportunities. Italy is one of my favorite places, but you have been there and it's "full" already. Get to Alaska before all the transplants totally screw it up. You won't regret it.

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    Id rather see more of the country that your from than other countries. Go for a new experience. There will always be a noise in your head asking why you went to Italy when you've already been there. GO TO ALASKA!!!

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    Alaska in the summer is supposed to be gorgeous. It wouldn't be much of a place to visit in winter, unless you love cold and dark.

    I think if I'd been to Italy, and I thought I'd get there again another time, I'd go for a summer visit to Alaska.

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    can you handle the darkness in the winter, and midnight sun in the summer? alaska is a wonderful, beautiful, fun, place to live, but if you are not into the outdoors: skiing, snowboarding, fishing, is probably not the place for you.

    Italy, the food is great, the people are nice, and the scenery is awesome. however, european culture is much different, and if you haven't traveled to euro, I wouldn't recommend moving there w/o a visit first.

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    you should pick alaska because it is a very nice place to visit.

    I have friends that lives in anchorage, alaska and love the snowy weather. You should go there around summer time if you scare the cold weather. Summer time i saround 35 F.

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    I would choose alaska. it is definatley worth going to. although italy would have better wheather.

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    Italy sounds sweet


    but Alaska


    wats there to do?

    its either

    Italy- food, culture, all that juicy stuff lol


    Alaska- cold, adventurous, && all that.

    both sound good.

    so i guess it's want u think

    if u've been to Italy

    Alaska sounds fun



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    I don't like places that are cold!!!

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