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What is the best way to Echt?

I was wondering what is the best way to travel to Echt in the Echt-Susteren municipality of Limburg?

My family moved from there a couple of generations ago and as far as my father and I can trace it we had been there a LONG time, I really only want to go for a day or two as a local museum knows the location of my old family home that I would just love to see (As well as the location of a few family graves).

I would be travelling from Australia so any European major airport would work as a starting point, though I am looking to not generate a monster like budget.

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    ok, to get to holland/netherlands you need to fly into schiphol airport, but if you can get a ticket that fly's you to eindhoven airport would be even better it will get you closer to where you need to go, in holland the best way to travel is by train, at the airport you can go to the informationdesk at the trainstation wich is also at the airport, ask them for a ticket to Echt and back and get a buscard as well so you can take the bus/metro/tram if need be, but probebly you have to take a bus there, Echt isn't all that big at all. Hope you will find what you are looking for and else try to look here, they will have a link in english.good luck

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