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My lower retainer is scratching and scraping against my gums..ouch!!..?

I just got my braces off a few days ago and my bottom retainer is really scratching/scraping my bottom gums and it hurts REALLY BAD, its even pushing against my gums :( My orthodontist will not be in until next Thursday, and i don't want to just NOT wear my retainer because i don't want my teeth to you guys have any suggestions on how to stop the scraping and the PAIN...serious answers only please i'll give you the 10 points if you help me out :)

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    If it's the wire that is bothering your gums, you can't do anything about it without changing its function.

    If it's the plastic part that's hurting, it all depends on how clever and how brave you are. If you can identify a specific part of the plastic that is digging in, just shave it EVER SO SLIGHTLY by scraping the edge of a sharp pen knife across it. Trim it and try it in. Repeat until it feels better. HOPEFULLY, the place that bothers you will be along the bottom edge of the plastic, as you can't really alter the function of the retainer if you trim it a bit down there. If it's up near your teeth, be VERY careful. If you can look at the thing with magnifying glass and see a bump sticking out that just looks like it doesn't belong there, that's probably the problem.

    If you have ANY DOUBTS about this, do not try it at home!

    I think if you put wax under the retainer, it will just make it harder to get in your mouth where it is sore already.

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    Since you only got your retainer a few days ago, there is probably a place where it is rubbing. Your orthodontist can fix this easily. In the meantime, try some of that stuff people use to line their dentures with if you can't find the wax. The wax is best, but if you can't find it, try the denture stuff. Look in the drugstore in the dental health aisle. Also, it won't hurt to go without the retainer for a few days until you can get in to see the dentist and may give the sore a chance to heal. Your teeth won't go back to the way they were in just a week.

    Source(s): My orthodontist told me "when in doubt, take it out." Been there. Done that.
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    Tylenol always helps with pain, so maybe take a bit of that until Thursday when your orthodontist is back. And just like everyone else said, use wax! You might even still have some kicking around from when you had braces, so dig it out and stick it between your retainer and your gums. I hope it sticks there!

    Source(s): I've had a retainer for almost 2 years
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    Go to your drug store (Walgreen's or CVS is what we have here) and in the toothpaste section there is a place for floss, toothache med, etc... they should carry the wax that you used to only be able to get at the put that on your retainer where it is scraping to protect you gums....good luck, there should be one open 24 hrs, or late.

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    Use wax to cover the part of your retainer that is scratching or use a piece of wet cloth. Just put it on the retainer and close your mouth.

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    take some tylenol/motrin for the pain and ocasionally take your retainer out for 10-15 minutes u might also want to use the wax for ur braces to stop the retainer from digging into ur gums or u could put something soft around the sharp or hard parts

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    when i got a splint in (splint is a solid retainer made of hard plastic) they gave me special wax to use if it rubs against something.. i suggest go to your dental place and ask for some.. they should have tonnes and probably wont charge you.

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    Dental wax, remember how you use to use it in the beginning when you had your braces. Get some more and apply to your gums to avoid the irritation.

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    ok, here is your serious answer. if you think that you bent your retainer then don't wear it before you see your orthodontist. but if you don't think that you bent it or damaged it in any way and you think that the pain is from not wearing it for a while then wear it and the pain should go away in a couple of days. but so either way, you need to see your orthodontist. it may need to be adjusted.

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