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Do you guys find tweeters a must have in a car stereo system? and does it make that much of a difference?

Thinking about getting some tweeters, right now, i have my door speakers as my highs, and im gonna get some infinity reference speakers for the door, and inifnity tweeters.

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    Yes. If you care about the sound then they are a must. Any mid-range speaker won't be able to reproduce the high end frequencies that tweeters do. You can get co-axial speakers (mid-range speakers with tweeters attached) but due to multiple factors, the sound quality just isn't as good. Infinity makes great sounding speakers, that's pretty much what they're known for. Good choice.

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    My husband is the car audio expert here, but he has installed the following, in our minivan:

    Eclipse 8455 Headunit and 5962 indash changer

    Zapco C2K 2.5 amp

    Image dynamic CD2 (horns) upfront

    Kicker SSMB8 mid bases in front doors

    15" Eclipse 9152 pro subwoofer

    I had never heard music this way before and the sound quality is unreal.

    Also we are running an Eclipse head unit and changer with infinity reference coaxial speakers 3.5in the front and 6x9 in the back of our Toyota with an A/D/S 6 channel amp with 2 MTX subs and they sound great , But I would advise components in the doors they sound more accurate and keep the tweeters close to the midrange for the best imaging but that is my own personal advise. If you need an more help let me know.

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    do this get 3-5 way speakers for the front and 2-3 way speakers for the back.than get a sub you don't need tweeters if you do it that way.

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    A good pair of tweeters is a must for any stereo.they really bring out the high end side of the music. you will be glad that you got them, your music listening in the car is about to get better if you get them. good luck.

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    you can do what integra said, but it may not be a bad idea adding one tweeter up higher on the left side of the door and one to the right side.

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    get 2 ways speaker for front and 2 ways for the back and add a sub. in the trunk.. sound awsome, try it out.

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    That would be the best way to go, those infintys have a great sound. Just pear them up with a nice sub.

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