Do you know what is 'Renaissance'and it's 2 main features?

please send some information & some pictures on the same or any sites for it.

PLease plEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Renaissance is a period in European history that begins approximately after the 13th century and ends before the 16th. The Renaissance is called the "rebirth" of Europe, because at this time, Europe began criticizing its Medieval past, trying to find how to correct the mistakes of the past. The two greatest aspects of the Renaissance are 1) humanism and 2) the scientific revolution. Humanism is an idea that human beings have a purpose, and that we are more than mere creations of a god. Humanists believed in a person's ability to be creative, so the humanist movement spread the idea of creativity in art and music for artistic purposes, rather than just creating art for the church. The Scientific Revolution was also new. Before, in Medieval Europe, superstition and religion formed the basis of how Europeans looked at the world. But, as we venture into the late 1400's, we notice a huge rise in inventors, scientific theory and medical developments, such as anatomy (something that would've never been considered in the Middle Ages). Hope this helps!

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    You can get the information you need at

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