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how do i send a message to mobile phone?

from my computer to a mobile?

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    10 digit cell phone number plus what is below for their provider

    AT&T Wireless



    Sprint PCS


    U.S. Cellular



    Alaskan Communications Services


    Blue Grass Cellular



    Does not support text messaging via email

    Cellular 2000

    Cincinati Bell

    Cricket PCS

    Does not support text messaging via email

    Edge Wireless

    Golden State Cellular

    Illinois Valley Cellular


    Metro PCS

    Mid Missouri Wireless


    Midwest Wireless

    MTA Wireless

    Plateau Wireless

    Qwest Wireless

    Does not support text messaging via email

    Rural Cellular Corporation

    Southern Linc



    Union Cellular

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    how do i send a message to mobile phone?

    from my computer to a mobile?

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    Depends on the mobile carrier. You can go to the web page of the cell carrier (ie Cingular) and there is a section to text. Some carriers use an e-mail interface such as Virgin Mobile. They let you e-mail to the number (ie Need a little more info to help out more. Good luck, hope it points you in the right direction.

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    You could sent it as a email to their phone:Sending Email to Mobile Devices

    Setting up your cellular mobile phone to receive email alerts

    Cellular phone carriers in the United States offer customers an easy way to send an email text message. Most mobile phone carriers assign an email address to the cellphone in the form, as outlined in the chart below.

    WebWatchBot can be configured to send email alerts to your cellular mobile phone just as easily as it can send an email alert to your regular email account.

    Find your cellular mobile phone carrier below, substitute your phone number with "0001112222". For example, if your cellular mobile phone number is 520-555-1212, and your cellular mobile phone carrier is Nextel, then your email address is


    Cell Phone Number Format

    Message Length


    160 characters - From, Message, Call Me Back At phone number and Subject

    AT&T Wireless

    110 chars for message. Subject length restriction is not provided by AT&T


    140 characters for message

    Sprint PCS

    160 characters for message


    140 characters for message

    Verizon Wireless

    160 characters for message

    International Users - Non-US

    The following is a short list of Email to SMS services that you can use to send email alerts to your SMS enabled phone or device:

    sms2email will "relay" email to a pre defined mobile number, allowing you to receive emails sent to this address as SMS text messages on your mobile phone.

    TextMagic sets up an email address with their domain. You send an email to that email address and the message is relayed to your mobile number.

    Free SMS Text allows you to send 10 free SMS text messages every day (visit site for details).

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    I see you have yahoo answers meaning you have an account with YAHOO.

    Yahoo messenger now has a new feature that enables you to send messages to a phone number. There is no need for registration, since your id is your screen name, and the password is the same.

    try it! and good luck! :)

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    well u can with T-mobile or go to the sites thingy said

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    Whenever i ask a question, even if it's the easiest one, they can't give me a good informed answer here. Wtf happened to people that actually take the time to answer..

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