where can i get a polimerazation card from yu-gi-oh GX tag force?

i want a polimerazation card of yu-gi-oh GX tag force on my PSP so i can do fusions to all my elemental heros, i checked on the shop, i bought all the packs of elemental heros, i got all the packs of basic fusion, advanced fusions, basic magic and trap & advanced magic and trap, i checked all of those and bought them all 6 times! and i still dont have a single polimerazation card! PLEASE! PLEASE tell me where to get this!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1st off u can get a polly from th basic fusion pack but u have a very slim chance of getting it because its ultra rare

    2nd off if u want a better card i suggest fusion gate from the second fusion pack it lets u summo more then 1 hero fusion or what ever other fusion u want

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  • 3 years ago

    @ on the respond above, LOBE is not attainable different than from creditors. which potential an entire set of exodia sells from $20-$2 hundred looking on how desperate the shopper and/or vendor are. as to the 2d question, "Heavy typhoon" contemporary in maximum new starter deck destroys all spell and seize enjoying cards on the sphere, whilst "magic jammer" is attainable interior the older starter decks. i stumble on that if i want a card that i comprehend is in a deck, i will basically spend $10-$13 determining to purchase the deck and being advantageous i'm getting it then spend $4+ and not being specific......

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