Lost dog in Rowland Heights, CA?

This afternoon, my dog and my friend were both bitten by a stray dog in Rowland Heights, CA. The dog had a collar and a mountain climbing chain, but no tag. I need to know what type of dog it was so I can provide more details to animal control. It was a medium sized dog, about 30-35 pounds. It had very light brown/blonde (not white) medium length fur. The most distinguished part of the dog was that it had tufts of fur running down the ridge (spine of the dog). It kind of looks like the hair on the back of a horse. If anyone knows what type of dog that is or could provide me a picture, I'd greatly appreciate it.


It was not a Rhodesian Ridgeback. It had longer fur and different colorings. The snout was long and pointy with a black nose. The ears were erect and it was wandering the streets when it charged at my dog.

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