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Will running reduce thigh muscle mass?

Which other exercises will recuce ,muscle mass?

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    Sitting on your bum alot, not working your legs will reduce the muscle mass.

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    No it won't. It may even enlarge your thigh muscle mass. Doing the correct workout can reduce your thigh muscle mass. I'm not sure which exercise will reduce thigh muscle mass. I gotta ask my dad who is a gym instructor. Not using your legs is the worse ever thing to try. You will probably get bed sore and you will have to do strengthening exercises after your muscle mass have shrunk so that you can walk. Do NOT try to not walk for a few months. I'll answer your question about other exercises that can reduce muscle mass as soon as possible after I ask my dad.

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    Are you speaking about muscle or fat? If in case you have fats in your thighs, normal weight loss will support and you are able to do this by means of an total cardiovascular activity software. If you are talking about muscle, simply don't use these muscle mass as much as beforehand and they'll go down by means of themselves.

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    No it won't. it could even enhance your thigh muscle tissues. Doing the right work out can decrease your thigh muscle mass. i'm no longer specific which interest will decrease thigh muscle mass. I gotta ask my dad who's a wellness midsection coach. no longer utilising your legs is the greater severe ever ingredient to check out. you are going to frequently get mattress sore and you will ought to do strengthening workouts after your muscle tissues have decreased in length so as which you will walk. do no longer attempt to now no longer walk for in basic terms some months. i will respond your question approximately different workouts that could decrease muscle groups as immediately as conceivable once I ask my dad.

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  • Yes, it reduces thigh muscle mass but it is very risky to injury. Try yoga, it will give you a better body proportion with more benefits than engaging in sports.

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    Running will increase thigh muscle mass while reducing the fat. spending the next few months in a non-moving state will decrease muscle mass but definitly increase fat mass.

    blubber on!

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    If you really want to reduce thigh muscle mass, avoid using your legs as much as possible and eat a 1,000 calorie diet. Seriously, get lots of sleep, sit in chairs all day, etc. People that fracture their leg, for instance, can't move around much and they experience a lot of muscle atrophy (shrinkage). I wouldn't recommend any kind of exercise.

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    If anything, running will likely increase muscle mass, but it will reduce body fat percentage.

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