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Well i thought i was doing good in college, i study hard and get all my work done, but this semester was strange all of my grades were C's!! i dont get it. I can study hours for tests, do all my hw but it seems im just born dumb. Im sick of trying so hard and sucking. Any Advice?

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    Maybe you're not studying the way that works for you the best.

    I'd suggest getting the book "What Smart Students Know" by Adam Robinson. It'll help you work on some basic principles that strong students tend to use while helping you figure out what helps you remember things best. It can also help you tests and test prep.

    Also, if any of your marks are confusing to you, go ask the prof. Not in a manner of "Why isn't this mark higher?" but with the intent of improving yourself. "I'd really like to get higher marks and would like to know what I could have done on this paper to have done better." Marks are about knowing what the teachers want and providing that. You need to find out what it is they want.

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