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Are you clearing out the the old, and bringing in the new?

For the New Year? are you planning of bringing in the New Year? will it be through prayers, partying, dinner, drinking?....what?

For the New Year i plan to be.

An even better woman for my love and me.

I will change from Miss to Mrs,

And lose myself in all his kisses.

To clear away the obstacles,

That only make life difficut.

I promise to leave the past behind,

And learn to embrace all that is mine.

To have regrets, i will not allow,

To consume me when i make my wedding vows.

Clearing out the old, and bringing in the new

I hope the new year is prosperus for you.

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    Awesome, Congrats. Just going to relax with my family, nothing special really.

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    Im bringing in the new year with my boyfriend, and having some drinks and just enjoying ringing in the new year with my love of my life.

    I promise to be a stronger woman in the new year. To embrace all my bad qualities, and except all the mistakes I made this past year, and learn from them everyday.

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    I wish you a lovely life together.

    Since we've been married 9 years, he'll be playing a video game, I'll be clurled up with a movie, and hopefully we'll get lots and lots of sleep!

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    I pray that the Lord will shine down upon both of you...God Bless and congratualtions...

    Happy New Year

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    That's nice!

  • I'm going to get drunk and have fun doing it!!!!

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