How to properly treat my small cut/wound?

I accidentally cut my left pinky a couple hours ago and it left a small cut around 1/2 inch long and maybe a couple of millimeters deep. I washed it and put antiseptic on it, then because I didn't have any proper bandage, bandaged it with paper towel and tape. But the thing is that once I took it out and checked it, I found that a small piece of flesh is hanging outside, and the skin isn't really closed. It'll hinder the healing process won't it? What should I do about it? (Preferably not going to the doctor) Also, how to treat infections, 'cause it's getting a little bit inflamed...

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    You really should go to the doctor if it is already getting inflamed. You may need a tetanus shot if you haven't had one in the last ten years. Do keep an eye on it. Clean it again, put more antiseptic on it, pull the little flap of skin over where it belongs and firmly, but not too tightly, bandage it up again. AND KEEP A WATCH OUT FOR RED LINES RUNNING FROM THE CUT AND UP YOUR ARM! THAT IS THE SYMPTOM OF BLOOD POISONING AND IS VERY SERIOUS (REQUIRING ANTIBIOTICS) ESPECIALLY IF WHAT YOU CUT YOURSELF WITH WAS DIRTY. IE: A GREASY OLD TOOL OR SOMETHING. You really should have the DOCTOR SEE IT!!!!

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    Put some antibiotic powder (Neosprin) on the wound and take some mild antibiotic capsules.

    ' I found that a small piece of flesh is hanging outside, and the skin isn't really closed.' in that case it's better to visit a surgeon.

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    just wash it with soap and water they say not that is even ebtter than antiseptic, my mom has gashed herself many times on knfes in the sinks that were very deep but eventually they all healed just make sure you get some band aids keep washing it and dont touch anything raw witout gloves

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    OK, that flesh sticking out your finger and you need a stitch or two. Its too deep and will get infected. yup that inflammation is The starting of the infection.

    Good luck

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    put rubbing alchol on it the Vaseline then rap it in a cloth

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