Is it practical to convert an old IDE drive to hook up to a SATA II motherboard?

I have an older IDE 250 GB drive and would like to use it in my new Dell which only has SATA II headers and SATA power connectors, which are different than the IDE connectors. I have an adapter that will convert the data side of it, but I'm wondering if anyone's had luck doing this before? I still need to convert the drive's power connector to accept SATA power connector. What a fiasco.

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    1 decade ago
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    New dells dont have any generic 4 pin power outputs anymore? I'd say thats hard to beleive but this is Dell we're talking about...

    Anyway, I know there are 4 pin to sata power converter cables, but I dont think there are any sata to 4 pin converters out there. Personally I've never heard of a power supply without 4 pin outputs. You can try putting a different power supply in the computer. That should work as long as its powerful enough to run everything. Otherwise I dont think you'll be able to use the drive in that computer.

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