What is the new testament and what is the old testament?

Was the old one rewritten or thrown out or something?

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    The Old Testament is basically what happened BEFORE Christ & The New Testament is what happened DURING & AFTER Christ.

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    The old testament is the first part of the bible that describes how all life came into being. Created perfect by God and corrupted by man.

    Many people will tell you that the bible is nothing more than a made up fairy tale, full of stories that men have devised, revised and changed over the years to suit a hidden agenda. You will also likely be told, even by liberal believers, that the first part of the bible isn't really "literal" it's "symbolic". They are the worst of the lot, as God's word ought never to be watered down or belittled by man as mere "story telling". The bible is very clear on the literal and very clear when God is using a story to describe something. Even a child can read the bible and understand the origins of the human race and the world itself. It is only the liberals who give their swing on it, which is best ignored as it's a far better bet to take God's word for it than theirs.

    Unfortuantely lying about the bible or denying its truths, will never destroy this book from being what it is, a holy spirit inspired history book which will never die out. It's survived for over 2000 years so far. It was written by holy men, inspired by the holy spirit. It was written by God's instruction so every person can understand why they are here, how they came to be in the first place and where things are going and how they will end up.

    The prophecies within the bible so far have 100% success rate, and we await the rest to unfold and I have no doubts they will unfold with equal accuracy.

    The old testament is everything that occured from the beginning of time, up to the time of Christ. The new testament is from Christ onwards.

    The only "rewriting" by anybody else throughout the ages, was to try and update the old style language so those of today will understand better the message. Some of the interpretations are not as accurate as others or as well set out and it all depends on which version you get.

    If you want the most accurate version of the bible, that is closest to the latin vulgate original of 'Saint Gerome', (who was the greatest scholar of ancient times with access to ancient documents no longer available). Then this would be the Douay-Rhiems version. The D-R version was as equally faithful in translating it into english and is close as you will ever get to the ancient original documents.

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    No the old testament was not rewritten or thrown out. The old testament is able the coming of Christ, the need for a living Savior and biblical history. The new testament is about the good news, Jesus died for our sins and then is a guide book for how we as Christians should conduct ourselves and about the end times.

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    The Old Testament is before the birth oh Christ and the New Testament is after the born of Christ. I think that first was written the Old Testament. I think that the Old one was keep in a safe place because the church had it at the "trial" of Jesus and I don't think it was rewritten. It has no logic. I think the New Testament was rewritten and changed.

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    Think of the Old Testament as the time before the birth of Christ. The New Testament literally begins with the Book of Matthew retelling the story of the first Christmas, with added details from the Book of Luke. The rest of the New Testament talks about Christ, his ministry and the ministry of his apostles.

    Testament is another word for witness. But it also comes from the Greek word meaning covenant.

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    The old Testament is more properly called the Hebrew Scriptures, and the New Testament, The Christian Greek Scriptures. Together they make up the 66 books of the Holy Bible.

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    old testament: What the Jews follow and the original pieces of the Bible (or Torah, if you're Jewish) that tell stories starting at Adam and Eve and going through the story of how the Israelites got to Israel (there may be more that I am being dumb and forgetting, but once their nice and settled in, I'm 99% sure it ends)

    new testament: the edited add ons by later Christians telling stories of Christians and Jesus and stuff.

  • The Holy Bible has the Old Testament (Torah) and that was the original covenant (the promise of Jesus Christ).

    The New Testament is the New Covenant (Jesus Christ).

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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    The old was pre-Jesus, the new was post-Jesus. And no, the old isn't to be thrown out...it's still very useful information. It gives answers to how humans came into existence, why the world is in such a mess, and how God means to correct the situation. According to 2 Timothy 3:16, 17: "All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work."

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    The old testament is the part before Jesus and the New is during and after Jesus.

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