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What's the sweetest love song in your country?

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    Gosh, I wish I knew... but here are some beautiful ones:

    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith

    I Can't Help Falling in Love With You - Elvis & many others

    Lady in Red - Chris DeBurg

    Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues

    Annie's Song - John Denver

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    I'm a South African and the sweetest love song I've ever heard from this country is "Lwandle" meaning "Ocean/Sea". This is a song by one of the young national icon, Zola. He's singing about his daughter. The melody and lyrics are outstanding. What makes it more loving is that it's sung by father about daughter, something which is not common - most songs are about mother/daughter or father/son! In it, also tell why he called her Lwandle - It's because his love for her is big as an ocean.

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    Unchained Melody

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    I think it's a tie between "You're still the one" and "From this moment". Both very sweet songs. Don't much care for the artist though (Shania Twain)

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    In Kazhakstan, it is "Man and Goat." It goes

    "There was a man

    He leaves his wife

    She is fat and boring

    She say, "Borat,

    you have khram like the Jew

    And even Gypsy make sexy time

    More good than you."

    The man says

    "You are my sister

    You no-good prostitute

    I spit in your face."


    The man finds goat

    The man loves goat

    All is very nice.

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    Well a friend of mine got me listening to Jeff Buckeleys "Hallelujah" and David Gray "This years love"

    This stays between you and me, capice?

    Source(s): OMG I completely forgot about Unchained Melodie, and Fender's "'til the next teardrop falls"
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    "Muskrat Love" by Captain and Tenille.

    My country is in love with muskrats and all of their relationships. We are a country obsessed. God Bless America and all the muskrat lovers she embraces.

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    The one that's ending.

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    "7 days" by craig david. that song puts me in a different country. lol.

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    Loop, the second answerer sucks.

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