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a man bought a certain no. of toys for Rs.180; he kept one for his own for his own use and sold the rest for?

a man bought a certain no. of toys for Rs.180; he kept one for his own use and sold the rest for Rs.1 each more than he gave for them; besides getting his own toy for nothing he made a profit of Rs. 10. find no. of toys.

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    try, google or wikipedia

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    The correct answer is 20.

    Lets the number toys be x and cost price of each toy is y,

    so xy = 180

    and after removing one item, and increasing cost price by 1 rupee

    Total cost is (x-1)(y+1) = 180 + 10 ( this 10 is profit)



    x-y=11 [since xy=180, y= 180/x)







    so x=20, because the number of toys will never be negative.

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    the nicely suited answer is 20. we could the selection toys be x and value cost of each and every toy is y, so xy = a hundred and eighty and after removing one merchandise, and increasing value cost via a million rupee finished value is (x-a million)(y+a million) = a hundred and eighty + 10 ( this 10 is income) xy-y+x-a million=one hundred ninety a hundred and eighty-y+x=191 x-y=11 [on the grounds that xy=a hundred and eighty, y= a hundred and eighty/x) x-a hundred and eighty/x=11 x^2-a hundred and eighty=11x x^2-11x-a hundred and eighty=0 x^2-20x+9x-a hundred and eighty=0 x(x-20)+9(x-20)=0 (x-20)(x+9)=0 so x=20, as a results of fact the variety of toys heavily isn't damaging.

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