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butterfly downloading network, i am considering using them. i need to hear all the pros's and con's of it all.

baisicly i want to get rid of vongo becuse it has became lame without the live t.v. aspect and it looks good but you cant seem to find out anything on the web in the lines of user reveiws or anything like that. there are however warnings of copywright infringments and that stuff i dont like, its a line i dont want to cross. cant find what i should know so i got to ask hear. lastly, if you have a better idia for music and movies in a spacific downloading service that dosent cost a fourtune to have or use or download other than limewier or kazza, i will look into it, those 2 fore-mentioned gave me a few viruses i had a hard time getting rid of and i dont need that crap. thanx.

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    AVOID! I just got scammed by this site. After you've paid for your membership, they direct you to various websites which are free anyway (i.e., Limewire, Morpheus, etc). I'm trying to get my money back but doubt I'll see it again.

  • try, google or wikipedia

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