Who else thinks family is most important?

I am the kind of person that needs at least one person to care about me. growing up (& THIS ISN'T A SOP STORY) I got moved from mums to dads to a few foster families then back to mums (in a different state) to me she resented but to my other sisters she treated like angels. Family is imporatant to me. i hate people who sit there a diss their family when people like me would give anything to have one. if you are one of those people... why? i don't understand. do you not need anyone that you can push those who love you away as if they were nothing?

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    I think that our family relationships are critical because they shape who we are, very often. I think each of the different family lives that you can imagine teach different things and we will find in the end that it was lucky that we had that experience because it prepares us for something yet to happen. Yours is a difficult path, but that is true for most people and for different reasons. Some parents and children simply can't relate to each other, others are locked in abusive emotional patterns that have been handed down from generation to generation. Some devoted relationships are cursed with health problems or legal problems that divide. Couple that with financial stress and other pressures that families are under today and you can easily see that the grass is never really greener on the other side - there are just different challenges.

    Don't try to understand the other people (I don't know and I don't want to know) just have compassion for them that they are experiencing difficulty and stay true to your own path. You are likely to be an excellent, devoted mother who will give a child a very stable home - maybe even foster other children - and make your mark in the world in part due to an unfortunate circumstance.


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    I cant imagine life without my family and the reason behind it all is that i have came across people who i thought were true friends and just to spent time with them i would cancel dinner or family get together every once in a while but at the end i learned family is way more important. Since then i have never put anyone or anything before my family. Because end of the day everyone changes but your family is someone you can always go back to and they will be there waiting for you to come home.

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    Stevie Gee, I understand your situation and I am sorry for you. Yeah, I think that family is most important and I believe everyone feels the same; it is just a matter of realising it or not.

    I believe that no matter how old they are (teenage or adult), people will have to try to give most of their time for their families. There are many movies which tell this story; a busy father who never spend time for his family and finally regret it. This is the challenge that our society is facing now.

    So, people, please, do give time for your family. Spend as much time as possible with them. You will realise that they are the most important persons in this world: Your parents, spouses, children, grandparents, grandchildren, etc.

    Okay, Stevie, I hope that your mother will soon realise that she should treat you fairly. However no matter how she treated you, you should still be kind to her, okay? Oh, and you will someday have a family of your own - a very happy family indeed! You will have a loving and caring husband, cute children and that will be one of the greatest blessings that you will ever have! I am 14 years old and I am also looking forward to have a happy family of my own!

    Best Wishes

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    Stevie you are a gem. I understand how you must feel and people that talk badly about their families don't have your outlook simply because they take their families for granted. Everyone just because they are related are not always going to see eye to eye, however it is important to realize that differences are unimportant and we should cherish and love those people that we are lucky to have close to us. Like you I wasn't given a family that I could be cared for by. Now that I have children of my own I stress to them how lucky we are and that we should be grateful for every moment that we have together. As a result of this my three children are very close and stand up and protect each other. God bless you and some day you will have a family of your own who are blessed to have a very special mother with amazing insight.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree 100%, at the moment i am having problems with my partner, because he doesn't like my family where he makes things incompatibly for everyone involved in his feud.

    He still to this day doesn"t understand that family is the most important people, and i hope one day he understands but i will never in an ultimatum with anyone choose them above my family

  • Anonymous
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    Family is so important...family is everything when your friends decide to do one...it is your family who are there hopefully at the end of the day, no matter how bad things get between you and your family, you should never just turn your back on them...blood is thicker than water.

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    Hello, It sounds like you learned alot of hard lessons. Before you did learn those lessons you probably were not the worlds perfect person. But it sounds like you are on your way to be perfect :) Some lessons are only learned the hard way. Young people go into rebellion and often hurt themselves, till the cold hard reality sets in. Give people a chance to mature like you did. Love them for who they are and be a good listener. All we all want is respect.

    Happy New Year!

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    Some people really could give a crap about their family and some of them I can agree with. Others are just upset that aunt susy smells like moth balls and grandma always burns the Turkey. Those people can suck a fatty.

    Family is the people you are close to and it doesn't necessarily happen to be blood.

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    for my area my kin is precise precedence. of path we ought to all artwork, and customarily savor the business employer of friends and a greater half. I do attempt to locate time for friends and a boyfriend as quickly as I even have one. I additionally artwork finished-time and do my maximum suitable to pass greater beneficial in my profession. in the tip nonetheless, if a kin member necessary me, i could be there as quickly as bodily accessible. i will call in at artwork and tell different persons i will see them in some unspecified time sooner or later. If something extreme is going on with my kin, each and every thing else gets positioned on carry. this is in simple terms how i replaced into raised nonetheless, and human beings will see it in a diverse way. The Tall & Tantalizing Makayla Milan

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    I think my family is most important thing for me because they always stands for me whenever i need them, In happiness and in sorrows. I love my mom dad, uncles and auntys and brothers sister and my wife and son, They are more important to me then the god..

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