we need to adopt the iraqui system of execuation?

custody for hussian 3 years, then hanged sounds good. We keep out criminals 20 years before maybe getting rid of. Look at the money and resourses we will save. Im talking about no question cases, solid proof, videos, etc. Get rid of life no parole, what a waste. If someone is bad enough that a court will sentece to execute, we need to go with the sentence. What do you think.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree. What is the point of having these people hang around who are going to die. Why waste money on keeping them alive only to kill them. I don't think we should hang them as such - a little to inhumane for my liking - but what's the point on keeping them alive. Maybe there is something in the legal system - such as appeal time or maybe they see that as a way of punishing them. I believe they should have their life taken away from them as quickly as they did to their victim.

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