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fire is not an element??

Someone told me that fire isin´t an element but it´s a chemical reaction, can someone explain this to me I don´t understand.

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    Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire were once considered elements in many primitive tribes and societies. Actually it very logical until we humans started to understand much much more about the universe that we live in. Many other cultures had different explanations ... neat!

    Western science now define elements as... "A chemical element, often called simply an element, is a substance that cannot be decomposed or transformed into other chemical substances by ordinary chemical processes. All matter consists of these elements and as of 2006, 117 unique elements have been discovered or artificially created. The smallest particle of such an element is an atom, which consists of electrons centered about a nucleus of protons and neutrons." Wikipedia.

    Fire is a chemical reaction not an element !



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    In ancient Greece they had four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air but these are not chemical elements. Fire is a chemical reaction when you combine heat, oxygen and a fuel source. Water is a molecule composed of the elements hydrgen and oxygen. Air is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other chemicals.

    An element in the chemical sense is a substance that cannot be decomposed or transformed into other chemical substances by ordinary chemical processes.

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    The elements are listed in the "Periodic Table" and exist in specific forms that are unique to themselves. Fire is the result of a chemical reaction, such as the burning of paper or the striking of a match. For example, energy, in the form of a spark heats up the elements on a match stick and in the presence of oxygen (in air) react. Because the reaction is exothermic, it produces a flame - thus you have fire.

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    Fire is not an atomic element. It's simply a very fast chemical reaction, basically, like rusting. With fuel (like wood), oxygen (for the chemical reaction), and heat-energy (to speed up the reaction), fire is created. Basically, fire is just a release of energy (through heat and light).

    However, in many card games and such, it fits in very well as an element. =D

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    Fire is NOT an element as element for school purposes.

    Refer to the Periodic Table for all known elemements regarding chemical reactions.

    For historical purposes Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water were known as the ancient elements. These were classified mostly by people who deemed them more or less as mystical entities rather than through scientific reasoning.

    Source(s): School textbooks.
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    Element means "its the same matter".

    Think water - its a good example although its made of two elements: oxygen and hydrogen.

    When cold, it acts like rock, but its solid water, or ice.

    When lukewarm, it acts like water, liquid.

    When its hot, it acts like air, steam.

    Its water through all of those states. Its the same thing.

    Ancient greeks would have though it underwent transitions to a different substance, but it didnt. The outer form changed, but the inner nature did not.

    States include: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Plasma is really hot. It might be argued that during a chemical reaction the material is a plasma. Thats not really correct.

    If you think of a solid battery, its solid the whole time it reacts. Same thing with a liquid battery. It doesnt get thousands of degrees hotter.

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    You're thinking of the "4 elements" of nature. That's different from the elements you'd find in the periodic table. The four elements are wind, water, fire, and earth...I believe. These are definitely different from the ones they talk about in chemistry, which are the basic formulas of all types of compounds and such.

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    an element means its listed in the periodic table of elements, and has a unique atomic number/structure. fire is heat/energy and is not an element. fire is the rapid oxidation of a fuel with associated flame, heat, and light, thus it is a chemical reaction. the flame of the fire itself is a region of gas where intense chemical reactions are taking place. the reacting gas in this area is often hot enough to glow visibly, although some flames can be invisible or nearly so. typically flames of a fire are just incandescent gas, and are not plasmas, as they are not hot enough to be sufficiently ionized, although if the flame is hot enough a small portion can be considered to be a plasma. plasma is an ionized gas.

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    Fire is the visible exothermic reaction of energy. It is not composed of atoms. It is not an element in the scientific sense.

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    hey buddy which element are u talking about

    If u r talking about the elements in periodic table then fire is certainly not one of those

    it is itself composed of varios elements

    and if ur talkin abt the 5 holy elements of nature ie earth, water, air, fire and space then fire is included

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