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Help mother troubles?

My mom is so mean to me she calls me fat and treats me diff from my brother and sister..and its making me really sad, shes nicer to them she buys them stuff, she yells at me if i ask for something to buy but when my brother and sister ask (both OLDER) they get what they want and i dont wanna sound like i want everything but im tired of her treating me diff...i dont wanna talk to her cuz shell just blow me off and what should i do!?


Haha thanks strange one that gave me a chuckle :)

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Wow, alicia! that sucks my life is heavan compared to your sorry!

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thanks everyone great ideas!

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Dont know my father (i was born in england they divorced and he stayed..) and hes a butthole and wont support my mother...oh and my grandma calls me fat too....and my aunts and uncles are all in trouble this year (money trouble)

Update 5:

im 12......

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i love to sing too...hmm....

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My brother and sister do not like me, they fight constantly so i dont go near them which makes me not able to have a relationship....and they have a father that lives nearby (we have diff dads they share one i'm alone) and he buys them whatever they want when they go over thats my mom and him so they get 2X as much as a very nice and funny kid!, i dont have many kids because im over wieght and like (sorry but i cant go back to look) someone said making fun of me makes me eat more and 12 i shouldnt have this problem im not in my mid life crisis!!

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haha oops change kids to friends..

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Love u guys so much :)

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Love u guys so much :)

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anyone wanna tell me there email :)

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    Write her a letter to get if off your chest (you don't even have to give it to her, you just need to say your peace) and then start visualization. Sit quietly for 3-5 minutes and get a clear picture of your mom in your mind. See her smiling at you and hugging you - then see her hugging all 3 kids and treating you all equally. Feel the joy of her love and fairness - see your own face smiling and happy, peacefully contented. The stronger you can see and feel the images, the faster the results. I have seen it work in as little as 3 days if done dilligently 2 or 3 times a day. Give it a try - what do you have to lose?


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    Does your brother and sister hear and see the difference in how you and they are treated?? And do they pick on you or are they nice to you?? If they are nice to you and treat you kindly then maybe you should talk to them and have them talk to your Mom --because you said that your Mom would not listen to you--Also where is your Dad?? If he is not at home could you live with him?? Or can you live with your grandparents or an Aunt or Uncle?? The reason why I am asking this is because your Mom is verbally abusing you by what she tells you--Under no circumstances should anyone be so mean by telling you that you are over weight --What she doesn't understand is that you are not going to loose weight by telling you that--all she is doing is stressing you out so you are more apt to eat even more--So I would say she either changes or you need to get somewhere safe--

    God Bless you for having to endure such a harshness in your life--

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    I don't know how old you are, but I personally know how this hurts and how it can affect the rest of your life. My mom was like this too, even making fun of my singing (she said I sounded like a sick cow!). It sounds like she's got some demons of her own, and has to find an outlet to fight them off...and you're that outlet. I've got an older sister & brother, and they never got the kind of riducule I got. Get mom brought donuts home, encouraged us to eat them before they went bad, then put me on a diet 'cause I was getting fat! My mom always took me to the Salvation Army for shoes & clothes, and one time she could only find a pair of shiny black tap shoes that would fit me. So, for the next 6 months, I had to wear tap shoes to school. So, how do you overcome someone who's supposed to support and encourage you? You find peace in things that make you happy. With me, it was books, art, and music. Whenever Mom was being mean, I'd go off by myself, and spend time with the things I liked. I knew I couldn't do anything about her attitude. But, I could do something about mine. When I was 17, she died of cancer. Now, I know this will sound weird, and maybe cold, but this set me free. Free to grow into the person I am now. She was holding me back from being what I was meant to be, and there were some things I had to go through to get to where I am now. Without her constantly putting me down, I eventually learned that I COULD sing (very well, in fact), and that I had other abilities that were just waiting to bust out. Through the years, I always wondered what drove my Mom to do that to her youngest child. After talking with my sister, over the last 3 or 4 years, I've learned some things that helped me get a different perspective on her. I no longer talk about her with so much hatred, and have totally let go of my past. My advice for you? Find your strengths, talents and gifts. Work on making them the best that you can. Don't believe the negative comments (even though they will continue to hurt). When you get out on your own, choose your own destiny, and make it count. Prove to her that everything she said about you was wrong. She may never admit it. Or, she might finally tell you that she's proud of you, and sorry for being so mean. Don't hold your breath, though. Put your future in motion and strive to do the best you can. Don't worry about how much your siblings are getting from her. What matters is how you handle your emotions and your future. Just wait it out, working on your own life. Let everyone else do what they will (you can't control others). I know from experience, that if you study hard, and get good grades, you'll go a lot farther than those who are getting everything handed to them. While it seems like this will never end, everything has a limit. This, too, shall pass. Patience, my friend. I'm living proof that you CAN overcome adversity. <*)))><

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    The best thing I can tell you is to pray and ask God to heal your relationship. I was born to a mother that became addicted to crack cocaine when I was 9 years old, and she eventually started to sale my sister and I to her crack dealers for drugs, she would often leave us hungry with no food, and not even buy us school clothes. I did not receive a gift on Christmas from her from the time I was 9 until I turned 24.

    On top of all of this she was suffering from mental illness and when ever she stop taking her medication she would beat us, and lock us out of the house not caring where we slept. Now you are probably asking yourself why is this lady telling me all of this, well it is because I know that prayer changes things. Through prayer my heart never grew cold towards my mother, and I love her, and with God's help now that she is dying from AIDS my sister and I have enough forgiveness in our hearts to take care of her in her time of sickness. We never gave up on God and because of this we never gave up on loving my mother. Always remember no matter what you go through in life there is always someone who may have it worse than you.

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    It is tough, being the one your mother. Dislikes so much. But it could get better. Write her a letter, and put it where she can find it. Or try to work the guts up to talk to her. But dont over do it. Take it at your pac.

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    Maybe she spends so much money on them that there isn't enough money to buy anything for you. Maybe you wear hand-me-downs from your siblings (that's a lot of clothes since you have two), and she thinks that you are being ungrateful.

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    Scream at her and say why are you always treating me differently then my sisters and brothers!After run outside and start crying!!She will feel sorry for you and so will your sisters and brothers!

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    write her a letter or just a little note that tells her how you feel. Then put it in an envolope and put her name on it. Then put it somewhere that she always looks or just in her room where she could see it.

    hope my answer helps!


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    divorce your mom..and find a new one who will love you unconditionally..shes a meanie

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