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Bangs Question....?

what type of bangs would be appropriate for someone with a 5 finger forehead, chubby cheeks and round face shape?

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    round face- part your bangs right in the center

    all hair types- layer the edges of your bangs for a piece-y look

    Source(s): via page 34 in the Seventeen december issue
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    as a round faced gal, bangs, i feel are almost always a mistake.

    if you feel you must have them, i would say... long, mid cheek layers would be the shortest, so you have some whisps and some framing which will help the face look less round.

    you dont want uber short bang or else you get the bowling ball effect- please, i speak from personal experience. (and they were crooked too, uggh!)

    if you get bangs to your eyebrows you will look like a little kid with a round face. (or an 80's fashion victim- again, personal experience)

    you want to look chic and sophositicated, so go long.

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    You need to make the face look longer. For this, keep the hair long. Sleek. Instead of bangs, you could have some hair stylishly kept across a part of the forhead.

    BTW your forhead denotes intelligence. Be proud of it.

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    SO u r sayingthat u have a 5 finger forehead, chubby cheeks and round face shape?

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    very thin, and whispy.... if you do thick and chunky, it will make you look heavier. if you do longer at the sides of your face and let it blend into the back part of your hair, and a little shorter over your eyebrows, then it will look nice. Also, make sure that you curl them with a large curling iron, just to get a little body into them.

    good luck!!!

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    From what my daughters tell me, bangs are out. But if you still want them try trimming them at different lengths and see what you like best.

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    wispy....think fringe. Dont cut straight across or your face is gonna look rounder.

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