My gay friend has problems being himself....?

My gay guy friend has problem acting his true self. I've seen him be his true self which is a lot more girly. He seems to be more happy when he is his true self. I want to help him to be his true self at all times even in the middle of public even if I have to be somewhat agressive because he has told me, himself that he wishes to be his true self without reservations. What should I do with all options on the table? He told me he has full trust in me with anything if it will help him be himself.

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    1 decade ago
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    First off just being a good friend and supporting him is a BIG bonus...I'm guessing what you are trying to say is that your friend more or less hides a lot of his true self in public fearing he will be victimised for just being himself.

    You don't mention if you both have other gay or lesbian friends but this could also help if you introduce him to other gay friends you may have. You also didn't mention whether your friend is transgender but if he's not then I really don't see any problem with the situation.

    Again, the main thing you can do is encourage your friend as much as possible to just be himself no matter what....your support and friendship will soon see him realise that it's not a thing he should hide....your friend needs to stand up and be proud that he's gay....who he is shouldn't matter to anyone else and I think you are the perfect friend to make him realise that he needs to be openly happy and proud of his lifestyle:)

    Good Luck & PEACE!!!

    Source(s): I'm a LGBT Rights activist
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    just keep encouraging him. what is he afraid of? what is there to lose? if its what makes you comfortable, then be it. if people don't like the way he is, then screw them. maybe he's not exactly out in the open yet? unless his parents have a problem with it then there shouldnt be a problem. it will feel so much better letting go.

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    Im not sure if you could really do anything to help him. You might but basically it just takes him getting comfortable in his own skin and that takes time.

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    In his own time and with your ongoing friendship supporting him, he will find his way.

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