Religion or just Ignorance?

Evolution has brought us to a more intelligent and philisophical plateau, a much more advanced civilisation then our milennial ancestors. This is why I am perplexed that some people believe in such biblical stories as 'the immaculate conception', 'moses parting the waves' and the 'garden of Eden'. I shouldn't have to feel guilty because I don't believe these stories to be true, it just seems so abstract -almost fantasy.

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    Well, theproblem with science is that it isn't old. People aren't used to it yet, and they don't like having to change their view point.

    A lot of people have gotten rich of religion, and they aren't about to admit that it's irrelevant. I do wish wecould go back in time to the neolithic age and lay out the truths of science before religion started. The thing is, whether you believe in God or not, you got to admit that it started out of ignorance of ones seroundings, and that it has since caused more fighting and disagreements than any other topic on this earth.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could end the conflicts in the middle east, erase everytihng about the crusades, forget the religious intolerance of native tribes of the new world, and the countless instances of bigotry against someone based on religion?

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    This is an excellent question. As a Christ-follower (who is not into the religiosity or Fundamentalist literalism that messes up the real message behind Biblical text and context), I have to say that to understand the Bible one must understand ancient Middle Eastern culture. Lots of metaphors are used in the Old Testament, and there are even some logical scientific explanations as to why certain events happened.

    For example, when the walls of Jerico fell, conisder that for days a huge group of people were stamping on the sandy ground around a fortress. Then, a huge shout and the sound of very loud horns sent such a sonic jolt to the already compromised structure that could equal a seismic event such as an earthquake. In light of science, the destruction of the walls of Jerico in the Biblical account seems very logical.

    Also, the Dead Sea and the Jordan River are still considered to have health benefits and has always been considered a traditional "health spa" area. It makes sense that those with skin conditions were instructed to bathe there to find healing.

    The problem is that there are parts of the Bible that were never meant to be taken literally. Literalism is a Western idea completely foreign to the original culture surrounding the authors of Biblical writings. One must go deeper than the surface meaning and get into the culure and societal context in order to understand which parts are metaphoric and which are not. Since all ancient traditional methods of writing engaged in hyperbole, one would be hard pressed to find any ancient manuscripts that did not engage in exaggerations used to make a valid point.

    Regarding the concept of "authorship", the oral tradition shows a more communal approach to storytelling. I seriously doubt that the first one to tell stories about the Trojan War used every embellishment that "Homer" used in the final texts of The illiad and The Oddesy. Yes there was a Trojan War, but the myths which embellish the stories do not negate this historical fact. Such communal storyteling may be foreign to Western minds, but that was the reality in those times.

    Literal "truth" is far different from a deeper sort of truth that does not require total belief that a metaphor or a parable must be taken just at the surface level. Should one negate a non-journalistic source by using journalistic standards? Historical and societal contexts must be considered when evaluating any ancient texts.

    Many scholarly Christians understand that Jesus was about three years old when the Magi offered their gifts. Also, there is no proof that Jesus was born on December 25th. Most likely, he was born in what could be transliterated as March (The Jewish calendar is vastly diferent from the Western calendar we routinely used, and there is no logic behind the romantic notion of lambs being born in the winter.)

    If you get the National Geographic Channel, I suggest viewing the show Science of the Bible. It may not be favored by Fundamentalists, but it does attempt to go deeper into a contextual understanding of some Biblical accounts of the life of Jesus. It would take a whole day to comb through the conflicting assertions of all the Christian philosophies out there. I have never taken the Bible as literal since it is rife with colorful metaphors.

    Deeper exegesistical analysis is demanded, and even then there is so much there that we can only know in part.

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    Hello =)

    I don't believe any of them either, and I am a Buddhist. That being said, however:

    It is not for any of us to judge the beliefs of others, no matter how absurd they may sound to us. The views of creationists are no less valid that your views or my views. Yes, they may be more absurd, but that does not make them less valid.

    I would offer the recent business of "Lola, the Komodo Dragon" as evidence that such a thing as "immaculate conception" could indeed happen. It seems extremely unlikely, to me, but again, it is not my business to judge the beliefs of others.

    I am personally of the belief that a man, who became known as Jesus, Christ did exist. We Buddhists consider him to be a "Bodhisattva", or Saint, generally speaking, much as we do Mother Theresa.

    The Mahayana school of thought on Buddhism has many "fantastic" stories.....some of which were even reported by Marco Polo, when he returned to the west, of levitating wine decanters, and flying dinner plates at the court of Genghis Khan. Tibetan Spiritual masters also claim to have these powers, and so, I do not doubt them, even though they seem fantastic to me.

    The Great Khan supposedly said to Marco Polo, who carried letters of greetings from Christian Bishops, "Why should I convert to your religion?? What great magic can your priests do?? My priests from Tibet can keep my wine glass full, without it ever going empty. Can your priests do this?? If they can, I will convert right now!!" Of course, Polo assured the Khan, that they could not.

    Namaste, and Happy New Year,


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    Scientists have in fact addressed your dilemma. The Discovery Channels and History Channels just recently did specials on : The Quest For the Lost Tribes

    The Ark of The Covenant

    The Flood and Noah's Ark

    For those who have a valid Thesis to submit for a $250,000.00 Reward that can prove creation did not happen:

    Go to

    and link to Dr Hovind. No further questions will be asked.

    Other Books you can read on the subject are:

    Hidden Wealth by Ray Comfort

    Biblical Basis for Modern Science by Morris

    Is that Really in the Bible by Dr Charles Potter

    Evidence For the Defence by Josh MacDowell

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    You obviously don't have it within you to believe in an all-powerful being greater than yourself. You vainly believe you are the top of the line in intelligence. God is GOD! He can do whatever He wants to help us, lead us, or guide us. He doesn't have to work within the parameters of out 'logic' or 'reason.' Those are man-made boundaries to which He is not confined.

    It has been proven that we've tapped into less than 10% of our own brain power. With that knowledge how dare we pretend to understand God or His ways?

    These stories may seem as fantasy within our limited capacity to understand them and because of our human nature that wants to be able to pick everything apart and explain it. God doesn't work like that. That's why faith is required. So that we can let go of all of our so-called knowledge long enough to find Him.

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    Evolution has done no such thing, the accumulation of civilsations knowledge has, humans have not evolved much for at least 50,000 years.

    The stories you find hard to believe are just one set of myths that through an accident of history have been passed on to us here in the 21st century, they are just that, myths.

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    Is anyone restricting you to have your belief or opinion? These are all 'up to the mind' and so forget about others opinion and stick to you own concept.

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    i belong to one them that talk about evolution and created it created for me now i like u tell me one thing in evollution that truth all fact

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    I don't think evolution and religion conflict

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    You don't sound perplexed so much as constipated. If you get my drift.

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