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How long does Acne last?

I mean i have had pimples since i was like 12 and now im 15 and they never go away, ive used all types of cream and medicine, i wash my face everyday, but it is still all over my body and face, is there an age where it will just go away?

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    Acne occurs through out your entire life.

    It is just more profound in out teens.

    Try washing your bedding regularly, to reduce oil transfer while you sleep.

    Watch the oily foods.

    And wash your face regularly. I have had good success with oxy pads like 3 times a day.

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    Yeah, sadly it can last into people's 40s and even 50s, though it rarely does last that long. Keep in mind that washing your skin too often, roughly, or with drying or harsh products can make acne worse. If other methods aren't working for you, I recommend going to a dermatologist and asking about a combination of oral antibiotics and cream. It sounds like you might need to try something like that, if other things aren't working. If your acne is pretty severe (and it sounds like it is) you risk having acne scars in the future. Talk to your parents and head to the doctor! Good luck!

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    I'm going to turn 28 next month and I still get acne. It's hereditary, I suppose, but the one and only resolution was Proactiv Solution. You can have your parents get it for you, or put up your allowance (about $45 should be okay) and get it with a money order. The stuff really works. Here's their website:

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    I don't know about everybody,but most of my friends who've had acne during their teens usually cleared up around their 20's of course with the occasional pimple here and there. Go too they have some helpful tips and product recommendations.

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    I think most people have acne until they are around 21 or so.

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    I hate to break it to you but I know people in their 40's that still have occasional outbreaks.

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