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RB question for w17?

Hi! I need 2RBs for the final week. I have LT, W. Parker, R. Brown, and M. Barber. I'm in a standard performance league. Who should I start? Thanks!

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  • john k
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    Go with LT and Marion Barber. LT will still see plenty of the rock, even if he is rested more than usual, and Barber will have success against that Lions weak rush defense.

    By the way, hell of a nice back field for your fantasy team, is that a keeper league? If so you are set for a long time.

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    LT is always a must play. The Chargers still have to hold off the Ravens for home field advantage throughout the playoffs which could mean LT plays more than expected. Ronnie Brown is my second choice based on his matchup. He plays against Indy's D which is atrocious against the run and has been showing no signs of improving. Guaranteed 100 and 1td, maybe more.

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    Ronnie Brown is a must start get him in...LT will be huge even if he only plays 3 quarters...The Super Chargers have plenty to play for and play at the same time as the Ravens...they are battling for home field...good luck

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    go with Brown and Barber. Both of them will tear up weak opposing defenses, but LT will get little playing time.

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    LT will be good for a touchdown. He'll probably only play one half. Marion Barber will be good for some goal line romps.

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