just ONE more question.. hehe... wedding food...?

i decided im probably not going to use a caterer... sooo... what kinda of foods would be easy for me & a few other family members make?

i would like things kind of like lasagna... what do you think would be easy and everyone would like?

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    Spaghetti (with meat and without), tossed salad, fresh veggie tray, pickled condiment tray (olives, peppers, pickles, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, etc), sausage & peppers, CHICKEN (baked, grilled and/or fried), marinated skirt steak & white rice . . .

    The possibilities are endless!

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    Mommy what? No Caterer! This is a beauty. You could ask other reception guests would they be able to bring a plate to share. I've never heard or seen it done before but this is a new generation and we are all doing things different than we did years ago.

    Suggest a type of meal/snack or luncheon and roll with the flow. You never know you may start a new trend in wedding plans.

    By the way I am an Aussie and I have attended a wedding reception at a Barbeque, it was a great day.

  • Jenny
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    You could probably go and buy a bunch of Stouffers family size lasagnas at the grocery store and feed a lot of people (and you'll only have to throw them in the oven, rather than make them yourself. Add some garlic bread (I actually prefer the frozen Garlic Texas Toast), bags of caesar salad mix, and some wine, and you have a decent Italian meal. It seems as if there should be one more dish, but I'm not sure what.

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    How many will you be serving?? I have tons of ideas. But Lasagna sounds good with a few different cold salads, garlic breadsticks, Meatballs, do a veggie pasta dish, bake some chicken, some scallpoed potatoes or yummy mac n cheese. You need a veggie of some type. You could do little corn on the cobbs or broccoli and cheese.Sounds good can I come? I'll help ya cook. j/k congrats on the upcoming vows.

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    Salads are always safe... pasta, garden, fruit. 7 layer bean dip is always a crowd pleasure, along with chips and salsa. Look for a casserole book for main dishes. Not only are they easy to make, but the ingredients aren't that expensive. Assign each dish to a specific person(family) so that way you don't have duplicates on food. Or you can send a sign up sheet. You don't know what yummy family recipe's out there. Sounds like a good time to me. Congrads and Good Luck!!!

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    You can make a big tossed salad...

    Lasanga would work- but its not easy!

    Spaghetti is easier, but has to be cooked right before they eat to make sure its not cold. Just make sure you put oil in the noodles after cooking to keep them from sticking together.

    Keep the spaghetti seperate and then you can have pesto sauce, tomato sauce, meat sauce, and alfredo sauce in seperate pots to top the spaghetti with.

    You can also take chicken breasts and your favorite spaghetti sauce and throw them in a crock pot on low overnight. Sprinkle a little parmesian over the top and YUM.

    add few loaves of french bread and you have a simple meal full of selection for your guests.

    Good luck and congrats!

  • LC
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    Get out some catering cookbooks, you can find some online on ebay even for cheap. Try bookcloseouts.com they have awesome books for cheap. Most food can be made a couple of days or so in advance and kept refrigeratored of course.

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    We had a Mashed Potato Martini Bar at our wedding...three kinds of mashed potatoes (garlic, sweet, regular) with all the toppings (chesse, sour cream, chives, butter, bacon, etc) served in a martini glass. Guests picked which type of potato to fill their glass, then helped themselves to whatever toppings they wanted. Mashed potatoes are cheap and easy to make and the guests just loved the idea!

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    How about cold chicken and salads Potato salad etc.

    Prawns,let the guests peel their own.

    Ham, potatoes in their jackets

    Spring rolls, quiche and other finger foods

    Cheese cakes, Pavlova, fresh fruit and wedding cake

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    1 decade ago

    ok they suggest , italian foods ,spagetti and also bring their own plate , also chicken and have barbq, bar b q is nice but u have to prepare all and guest will serve their own , but your visitor is in a dress well , they dont want to do the grill , i learn in chinese this is only a suggestion , if plenty visitors they serve hotpot especially if winter n new years eve, they prepare pot in the middle of table and get ready the dishes clean fresh veg fish and meat then visitor will do the rest , learn more how to prepare hotpot or shabu shabu its tasty, nice n enjoyable to eat

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