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What are those striped fish called? tiger fish?

I see these fish all the time in different tanks (usually larger tanks) and need to know the name of them. I am hoping they are suitable for a smaller tank because I think they are absolutely gorgeous and don't have room for a large one! They are black and orange usually (striped like a tiger) but thinner and smaller than the "tiger barb" variation, which is all I could find online.

Anyone know what kind of fish I am describing? Thanks!


No, not the tiger barb.... this kind of fish I am trying to find has many more stripes than the barb, which only has three stripes (it seems)

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    Yep. cichilids

    try a yahoo image search for pics to see if I'm right

    sorry, i meant cichlid (right spelling)

    maybe zebra danio (more suitable for a smaller tank)

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    If it looks similar to a catfish, mouth on the bottom, it is a clown loach.

    They are really good community fish. They will grow up to 5" but are gentle. For some reason they like to jump out of the tank though so be sure to have a good cover.

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    There are some "suck on the aspect of the tank" variety fish that are Tropical. Plecostomus, chinese language Algae eaters, Otocinclus etc all have a similar style of mouth in which they forage for food alongside gentle surfaces. Now, reckoning on the length of your tank and what different fish you want to position in it, those fish might want to not be good for you. ascertain you study as a lot as achievable about them lengthy earlier even thinking to purchase one. Many Plecos can strengthen very great (a foot and extra) and are frequently offered in puppy shops. the workers might want to attempt to allow you to do not ignore that they actually strengthen to the length of their surroundings, yet with those adult men this is easily not real. they are going to strengthen and strengthen so that you do not favor to get something which will outgrow your tank. This is going with the chinese language Algae Eater besides that could hit 10 inches. Many Otocinclus, on the different hand are very strong at eating particular sorts of algae and frequently stay fairly small, yet extremely favor to be in communities of a minimum of four considering they're social creatures. EDIT: Sorry Mezmoco, yet Cory cats do in truth devour particular sorts of algae, yet do have a flavor for protein enriched meals besides. they don't look to be the perfect at eating algae, yet they easily like it of their weight-loss plan it truly is the reason they must be fed algae wafers and shrimp pellets on a commonplace foundation. also, there are certain sorts of Tilapia that devour feces (among different detritus and plant count number). this is real. They devour different fish's crap and may want to be a actual help even as it is composed of cleansing water. EDIT: it truly is real, Cory cats are not the perfect at eating many sorts of algae like that of Otocinclus or perhaps Plecos. So i do not recommend them for cleansing both. in truth, I must have reported in my preliminary answer that i don't have self assurance in utilizing a fish or snails for cleansing applications, yet in the journey that they do it this is an further. for sure, algae potential something isn't good contained in the tank till this is merely cycled (diatom algae). in the different case, there's a call for checking water parameters and extra tank upkeep and reducing tank lighting fixtures out for longer, not including extra fish to a tank to sparkling. Yea, Many Tilapia get huge and that i'm not even particular there is any instantly ahead aquarium traded Tilapia it truly is a fashionable fish poop eater, yet I merely idea you probably did not understand. My apologies.

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    They are called "Tiger Barbs"

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    does it live in anemone? if so its a clown fish.

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    clown loach?

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    it might be zebra fish.

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