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實施TQM的發展任務: 校長邀集教師召開品質訓練研討會,積極從事轉變學校的學習環境。會後與會教師研擬出該校實施TQM的發展任務為提供有品質的職業技術及學術課程,使每一位學生能發揮其最大的潛能及增加生活的競爭力。

品質指導委員會:實施TQM之前,首先要推選執行TQM的品質協調人(quality coordinator)和成立了品質指導委員會,其成員由該校的教職員組成, 品質指導委員會的成員,利用放學後的時間,每週召開一次委員會.







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    Implements TQM the development duty: Principal calls together the teacher to hold the quality training seminar,Is engaged in positively transforms the school the learning environment. After the meeting the attending teacher draws up this school to implement TQM the development duty for to provide has the quality professional technology and the academic curriculum, Enables each student to display its biggest potential and the increase life competitive power.

    Quality direction committee:Implements in front of TQM,First must elect to carry out the TQM quality negotiator(quality coordinator), With has established the quality direction committee,Its member is composed by this school teachers and administrators, Quality direction committee's members, Using is on vacation from school after time,Each week holds a committee.

    Implementation process:   

    1.Promotion morale strategy:Carries out TQM the process first to improve the school teachers' and administrators' work morale and each month selects the quality outstanding student

    2.Reference business community experience:Because the educational circles have not implemented TQM the pattern and the precedent,Therefore must refer implements TQM experience the enterprise company

    3.The establishment implements TQM the basic principle:The school develops and convenes many items to implement TQM the education and training seminar. Each month quality direction committee asks a question at least, By way of the systematization determined the source of error, and solves the difficulty.

    4.Improve student's question using the TQM tool and the technology:The teacher improves the student using the TQM tool and the technology to ditch school the question, Results in the student to ditch school rate the drop in six weeks to 39.9%.

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    Implement the development task of TQM: The headmaster invites the teacher to hold quality and train the seminar, are engaged in changing the study environment of the school actively. A teacher grinds and draws up this development task of implementing TQM of school to participate in the conference after the meeting for job technology and academic course of offering quality, enable every student to give play to its greatest latent energy and competitiveness of increase life. Supervisory committee of quality : Before implementing TQM , should elect to carry out the quality coordinator (quality coordinator ) of TQM and establish the supervisory committee of quality first, its member is made up of teaching and administrative staff of this school, members of the supervisory committee of quality , utilize the time after leaving school, hold the committee once every week. Course implemented: 1. Promote the morale tactics: Working morale that the course of pursueing TQM improves the teaching and administrative staff of the school at first and choosing students with excellent quality per month. 2. Consult the experience of the business circles: Because education circle has not implemented the way and precedent of TQM , so need to consult the experience of enterprise-like corporation that implements TQM 3. Set up the basic principle of implementing TQM: The school develops and holds the education and training seminar of multiple implementation TQM. Supervisory committee of quality puts forward a question at least each month,, and solve the difficulty via confirming the wrong reason systematizedly. 4. Use the tool and technology of TQM to improve students' question: The teacher uses the tool and technology of TQM to improve student's question of cutting school, make the student cutting school rate within six weeks drop to 39.9%.

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