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L asked in 美容及時尚時裝及配件 · 1 decade ago


請問係邊間訂做是最好的呢? 謝謝

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  • hl_so
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    1 decade ago
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    You mean in Hong Kong? :)

    It all depends on what you mean by 好. If you are used to tailors in London and Naples, then no tailors here can compare to them. However, in the past two years of living here and meeting tailors here, I have discovered one or two that are quite impressive. To make a good suit, the tailor needs to use very good materials - not the fabric you see, but all the little things inside the suit: the canvass, shoulder pads, threads, etc.. Since most people here don't know anything about suits or tailoring, tailors here use very inferior materials on the inside, since you can't see them anyway. A tailor also needs to have vast knowledge in the different traditions in suitmaking: British style, Milanese, Neapolitan and Roman styles, etc.. That is certainly not easy to find in Hong Kong.

    I have recently met a tailor at a small shop at the Royal Garden Hotel in TST, his name is Gordon Yao. Having seen some of his works, I think he is the best I have seen so far - and I have been using the best tailors from London, New York, Rome and Naples most of my life. This is a really sad business here; I have seen better tailors in Tokyo than in Hong Kong. The prices at Gordon's is also very reasonable. I highly recommend you to pay him a visit.

    For a really bad example of local tailoring, look at the cover of Hacken Lee's CD "Custom Made". That jacket he has on does not fit him at all - it has shoulders that could fit a person twice his size. Of course, that was probably just for show, but that is an example of a type of very cheap shoulder pads widely used here in Hong Kong (cost about US$1 to US$1.50 per piece).

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  • MEI
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    1 decade ago



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  • kei
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    1 decade ago



    但很難遇到他, 因為他經常出外替其他公司度身




    已和他們很熟稔了, 老闆很友善的, 而且手工剪裁都不錯


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