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computer is dumb!!!!!!!!!!!?

I turned on my computer and it didnt start normally it went to the set up screen (f8) and says, run in safe mode, start windows normally etc. I have choosed all of them but each time the computer never boots to my selection. If i hit safe mode it starts to load hlfway than goes back to the setup menu, so pretty much what im saying is every option i pick goes back to the start up menu and my computer never loads. any advice? thnks

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    Sounds like you have a bad virus. I suggest you format and recovery to factory settings. It's a pain in the butt, but it always works.

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    What you're experiencing is usually associated with a "pirate" version of XP ... or a ghosted version of XP that's been installed on a totally different type of computer ...either way ... a format and clean install seems to be the best way to go

    You could "piggy back" the drive off another computer as slave to retrieve any data you may want to keep

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    get the cd corresponding to ur OS and insert it when ur computer boots... press f8 or del and give the command to boot from the CD drive... If that also doesn't work then try formatting ur c drive and reinstall windows...

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    I think you might have a virus. Or your harddrive is corrupt. I had this problem loooong time ago and that is what it turned out to be.

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    you have two options:reinstall your OS or format your harddisk

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    its proboly a virus

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