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wats the personality traits of Taurus / Male?

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    And these are pretty much right on target too.

    Traditional Taurus Traits

    Patient and reliable

    Warmhearted and loving

    Persistent and determined

    Placid and security loving

    On the dark side....

    Jealous and possessive

    Resentful and inflexible

    Self-indulgent and greedy


    Source(s): Been one my whole life.
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    The Taurus Male

    If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Taurus sun sign.

    Appearance of the typical Taurus male:

    * has a stocky body, which is muscular if he does a lot of physical activity

    * may be plump

    * will bear the discomfort of an injury or disability with extreme stoicism

    * has very clear skin

    * is likely to have plenty of hair and can grow a substantial beard

    * walks with determination

    Behavior and Personality Traits Taurus male:

    * rarely changes his point of view

    * works hard to build security

    * is astute and can evaluate a situation very quickly in financial terms

    * is quiet and has a low-key charm

    * is unpretentious

    * enjoys comfort

    * can be defensive and suspicious in a new or unexpected situation

    * is wary of others taking advantage of him

    * dresses to create an image of respectability

    * uses influential connections to get what he wants

    Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac is concerned with:

    * beauty, romance, sentimentality, sensuality

    * materialistic values, wealth, prosperity

    * nature, harmony, love of living things

    * possession, control, security, dependability

    * habit, organization, tenacity, kindness

    * shyness, cautiousness, trustworthiness, calmness

    * appreciation of values, talents, abilities

    Elemental Quality

    Taurus is the fixed earth sign of the zodiac. It can be liken to an ancient rain forest full of enduring trees and rare plants that is teaming with the beauty of life, or to a beautiful, old French chateau that is full of valuable antiques, and which has established vineyards and gardens that offer all manner of delight to the senses. This sign represents an enduring, practical reality.

    Taurus Spiritual Goal is to learn the value of insight.

    Taurus and Love

    To Taurus, love is a physical, sensual romance which can be expected to last forever. Taureans are attracted by physical beauty and are very sensitive to perfume, color, light, and sound. Taurus in love will have many of the characteristics listed below.

    Behavior when in Love the typical Taurus:

    * is devoted and steadfast

    * settles quickly into a stable affair

    * loves glamor

    * is extremely vulnerable to people who accept his or her affection but only want a flirtation

    * will never forgive a betrayal

    * the male is generally the strong silent type

    * the female is usually an earth woman/Venus

    Expectations the typical Taurus expects:

    * his woman to be very feminine

    * her man to be all male

    * a promise to be kept and never broken

    * a wholesome, natural approach to physical love

    * to be pampered

    * to wait for a commitment to be made

    Taurus Man As A Partner

    He will want a partner who enjoys his way of doing things. The partner should be prepared to take the responsibility for good public relations while Taurus works quietly away ensuring that money and power come their way. The Taurean husband wants a marriage partner whom he can possess, body, soul and dowry. He needs a woman who enjoys physical love, since to Taureans there is no division between love, sex, and marriage.

    Positive Factors

    Taureans are very warm and affectionate toward their friends. They enjoy friendship with people who have good taste and with whom they can enjoy a quiet conversation or a concert or a football game. They will enjoy people who have strength of character and qualities of endurance like their own. Toward such friends, Taurus will always be gentle, kind, loving, and totally trustworthy.

    Negative Factors

    Taurus can be very jealous of any attention given to someone else. Taurus does not like signs of weakness, physical or emotional, and can be quite direct about them. Taurus prizes friends who have some power which they can share and enjoy. People who wear cheap perfume, artificial fabrics, and have houses that are built to deceive the eye, e.g., not real stone but faced with stone, are unlikely to attract the friendship of a typical Taurean.

    Taurus Likes

    * soft, sensual textures

    * sensual pleasures

    * a good bank balance

    * certainty and well-tried routines

    * gifts of value, attractively wrapped

    * savoring the moments of pleasure at the dinner table

    * doing the same thing over and over

    Taurus Dislikes

    * being disturbed

    * change

    * lending things

    * being told to hurry up

    * sleeping in strange beds

    I hope that gives you some insight to the Taurus Male : )

    Love & Blessings


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  • Good traits-

    Patient and reliable

    Warmhearted and loving

    Persistent and determined

    Placid and security loving

    Bad traits-

    Jealous and possessive

    Resentful and inflexible

    Self-indulgent and greedy

    For info on tauruses go to http://www.astrology-chart.co.uk/taurus.htm

    PS I DIDNT COPY THE PERSON ABOVE...just so you know..

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    Stubborn, dedicated, loving, sensitive, focused, slow to anger but violent when pushed too far!

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    To put it in a better light: tenacious.

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    stubborn and more stubborn

    Source(s): Married to a Taurus
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