Should I keep talking to him or stay away from him?

Me and a friend both like this guy.She met him a couple of days before me and barely knew him.She told me she liked his body.I agreed.She didn't say she liked him.I told her i liked him ans she told me I was messed up because she knew him first.Now shes talking about how she wants to go out with him. Me and her are really close friends and I dont want to ruin our friendship.Is it me or her who needs to listen.It also really annoys me when he talks about how cute he is.Plus if I do stay away from him how will I without ignoring him completly.


I just want to make a correction .It annoys me when she talks aboute how cute he is.

Update 2:

I just want to make a correction .It annoys me when she talks about how cute he is.

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    Talk to him and let him know that you both are interested in him and let him choose if he wants to date either one of you. Being the first to meet him doesn't increase your chances of compatability. If your friend gets mad because he wants to date you instead of her then she is being selfish. Go with compatability, not who has first dibs. He's a person not a posession!

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    The decision is all up to you. Do you want to lose your friend due to a guy? Boys come and go, but true friendships last forever. There are plenty of fish in the sea and he will not be the only guy that you will like. Have your friend go out with him and see if all goes well. It is about compatability, and if this guy doesn't really like her like he says he does, then you can go out with him. Make sure that you discuss this with your friend before you make any final decisions. I hope my advice helps you. Good luck.

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    Well, I think that you should ask yourself should you let some guy ruin your close friendship with your friend. Ask yourself is it really worth it, but if you REALLY like him then go for it, tell your friend your true feelings about him and maybe you guys can talk it out, but don't ruin a friendship over something stupid.

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    Well , as you said she did meet him first the right thing to do is play it cool, just stand by and watch ,if things work out for them great ,if they dont well she tried ,but before anything like you said you dont want to mess up a friendship so ,if things dont work out for her ask her if its ok if u take a shot at it ,And please dont do it because you think its one of those girl things of the "It's the in thing to do" , we are not just a peace of meat ,just like women shouldnt be treated as such,and remember wut it would feel like if you had met him first and she just went off and dissed you like that ,how would you feel ,besides it not cool to find out your best friend slept with someone you met first, and lastly if i read your ? correctly is she who annoys you talking about how cute he is , or he who is talking about how cute he is , because if its him move on girl ,he is up to no good ,a guy who is high on himself knows he is good looking cuz the girls make it to easy for him to know it ,it is wut you call head over heels ,which if you really picture wut that saying is saying ,do you really just want to be head over heels for him or is it a relationship you are looking for ,because if its the first part ,then for real move on ,you be playing your friend , him and yourself ...good luck

    Source(s): observing women and men , and how they treat each other these days
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    girl, you take a lot with the boy and you start bringing up convorsations with the boy in front of your friend!

    tell him how you feel and stuff!!! then he'll like you, and ask u out!!

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    He might be sexy as hell, but there are more men out there. So, don't lose your friendship over him. Plus she gets first dibs. lol.

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    chicks before d*cks you know. a guy isn't worth a friendship

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