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i had a dream about my mom, she had died in an accident,?

a few days before, and i dreamed that she was not dead, that is not the question, just a detail, anyway the next morning my younger sister and i were driving to see my father who was in the hospital, and i started to tell her about my dream and she started telling me what happened next in the dream, she had had the same exact dream as i did, how could that be????

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    I have had both my parents die and I am 20. They died when I was 18. I have had many dreams where they came and visited me. My parents used to tell me, when you sleep you travel into the spirit world and that where you find guidence, protection, and medicine. I come from native american culture and I geuss it is a common idea. I beleive my parents are not dead but visit with me from time to time. I hear their voices in the wind and morning song birds, they are not dead and still give me good life.

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    you and your mom must be very are connected telekenetically. (sp?) i am being serious. it is possible to have the same dream, you can have the same recurring dream, begin where you left off in a dream, or share the same dream with someone else. i don't know how it works, but it's way cool!

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    you miss her

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