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What can I expect for my 9 year old son who just had his tonsils out?

My son had his tonsils out 2 days ago. He had to go back to the operating room at 3 hours post-op because of bleeding. They cauterized his throat, and we had to stay overnight at the hospital. Now, 2 days out, he won't talk. He won't drink unless I force him (which I am doing), he won't eat, and he doesn't even want to take his pain medication (which is liquid). His throat is covered with the white scar and areas of black from the cautery. The white area even covers the uvula.

From the research I did beforehand, I was assuming he would be able to return to school this week. But with him bleeding initially, I'm scared to death he's going to bleed again when that scab falls off. Do any of you have any experience with this? Any advice to offer a worried mom (who also happens to be an RN)?

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    Sorry you're having such a time with the old tonsils.....and when you are a nurse you worry more because you know more. So relax and just keep on pushing the liquids....water especially because other drinks will cause more pain. How about broth, too......you are going to have to be a really good salesman here....selling him on the idea that he'll really feel better when he eats and drinks.....he's probably scared to bits that he will bleed again.....I've not had experience with this situation particularly but others where kids didn't want to drink/eat......so sell him on the idea and keep pushing the liquid...we know the liquid is more important than "food" right now.....good luck

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    I'm an adult and I had my tonsils out not too long ago - and let me tell you it HURTS. The fact that your son is having complications just makes things even worse. The white stuff on his throat is good - it is scabbing and means that his throat is healing. He is going to be in pain, but force him to take his pain medication which will help him a lot. After he takes his pain meds give it some time to kick in and then give him something to drink (eat). The whole time I was recovering all I had was slim fast blended with soymilk (so no mucous would form) and ice in the blender - it helped tons and the cold felt great. Once he is feeling better he can move on to soft foods. Basically give him cold drinks/milkshakes, etc - but try to do soy and not milk if you can.

    I'd also forget about him going back to school in a week. I was out of commission for 3 weeks after my surgery, but then again they say it's worse for adults. At least give him a week to recover, maybe even two.

    When the scabs fall off he shouldn't bleed from it - when it falls off it means that the healing process in that area is completed. Just keep him comfortable, make him take his pain meds - and if they aren't working demand the doc give him something better.

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    When my tonsils were out, the same thing happened to me. My grandma just crushed up my pain medicine in a soda or apple juice. Talking will come eventually. I also ate a lot of peanutbutter and mashed bannannas. NOTE: My bleeding came a few days after the surgery. When it did happen, I thought it was just saliva and kept swallowing. It made me sick and everything much worse. So make sure he knows to tell you (however he can) if anything feels wrong. Good luck!

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    I had my Tonsils out at the same age!!!

    OMG ITS SUCKS you try to drink it taste really nasty!!! You can't get him anything that is kinda hard like chips or toast!!! Also he has to eat soft thing like mac and cheese or pudding. Also anything worm/hot sucks if i try to drink soup and if it was warm it really hurt!!!! I remember what tasted good around the taste are capsron i think i spelled that wrong but those pouch drinks!!! Oh and sprite/ 7 Up. If he had 2 days ago i think he is going to need more time like close to 2 weeks!!! Also You can expect him to loose a bit of weight i did and he doesnt talk because it hurt really bad until like a week after.

    Well good like i hope this is any help!!

    Source(s): Life i went thru it!!
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    Well its very unlikely that he'll bleed again (unless he has a bleeding disorder). I'm concerned because most children after 2 days of having there tonsils out are ready to go back to school and are eating and drinking normally.I suggest you call back his ENT physician and tell him your concerns. If he doesn't have any reassuring answers- I would get a second opinion (from another ENT or one of his partners) -Also have you called his pediatrician- maybe you can share with him/her some of your concerns

    (and he/she can make sure that your child's not dehydrated or anemic )

    Good luck

    Source(s): I am a pediatrician- have talked to my patients who have had bleeding complications post ENT surgery.
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    My daughter went through the same thing and was out of school for almost 2 weeks. Obviously you've never tasted liquid Lortab, so let me tell you it's NASTY!!! We ended up taking it back to the pharmacy to have it flavored so she'd take it. Talking, drinking, swallowing...it all hurts like heck so we made sure everything was tepid verging on cool. She was much happier with that. Avoid things that produce mucous (ie..ice cream, milk, etc..) and try him with Jello (Jello water works well too), Pedilite, etc. Give him a couple of days and he'll feel much better as the swelling in his throat goes down. Hang in there mom!

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    2 out of 3 of my children had there tonsils out.He is not talking because it hurts,and I am sure it hurts bad.When you give him something to drink put his medicine in it,or make a milkshake and put it in that.that's what I did with my 2 kids and fries with salt helps heal the wound.He is going to be moody and tired,if you feel he needs to stay home for your sake or his get a Dr excuse I am sure he wouldn't mind and it would put your mind at ease.Mine stayed home for 7 days because there germs every where and he don't need them.Lots of Popsicles and ice cream.anything that is soft jello pudding,I would advise yogurts as it is a milk product.Oh there is medicine stips for kids that disolve on the tongue and they taste good. Good Luck and hope he feels better real soon

    Source(s): mom of 3
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    that stuff hurts bad and the pain med tastes nasty. I had Demerol for mine and it made me throw-up, which I already had a prob with. is there any juice he likes.if so you might try mixing his meds with that.

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