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how can i make my ex boyfriend jealous when i live on the other side of the world?¿?

i want to make my ex boyfriend jealous and miss me...but i am going to be on the other side of the live...

he really hurt me inside by writing those love poems to those other girls and not me and lying and not even making up for doing nothing for our first anniversary and stuff...and leaving me and getting back together with his ex ex ex the same day...and always trying to show me off since i was so "hott" and "foreign" etc...

i want revenge...he always used to get jealous since so many guys would look at me...



i have his sites, email and msn...

and please don't ask "why would u want to do that?!" or something



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    Have someone take a picture of you playing with your Mattel KEN DOLL and send the pic to him. That should make him jealous.

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    I'm not going to ask why you want to make him jealous as that is obvious, only immature, insecure people get jealous, but I am curious as to why you'd still want someone that treated you bad.

    The best way for you to get revenge is to find someone new that knows how to treat a girl and ignore his calls, emails and any other way he tries to contact you. Word will get back to him as to how happy you are with the guy. Just be strong.

    Good Luck

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    Move on with your life on the other side of the world bcuz all you're doing is wasting your time trying to make him jealous.

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    I'm sure you know the best how to do that, since you were his girlfriend. Use some of his weaknesses which you got familiar of during your time spent together. This is not very nice, polite and human, but if you really want to do that - do it....Also, I can't see how can you benefit from this, but whatever, I applaude your determination:)))

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    Make him jealous by not making him jealous. Simple as that. Just ignore him, if he is so used to having your attention, he's gonna be expecting you to try to make him jealous. Just move on and don't be afraid to hide it, trust me, he's gonna notice.

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    send him pics of you and another guy or have him call you at a certain time and let another guy anwser the phone. Another thing is brag about how happy you are with thus new bf and how much better he is then him

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    Wow, you must really still like him to want to make him jealous.

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    You must still be a child. You need to just move on. Yes, it will be difficult but it is for the best.

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    send him pictures of you with another guy

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    move on. 4get him.

    r u could sleep with sum1 in front of him.

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