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What is your opinion on circumcision?

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    I done alot of research on this before my oldest son was born. There is no medical reason to have a baby boy circumcised. We didn't have either of our sons done. My husband isn't either. As long as you take the time out to teach the child proper hygiene (like you should be doing anyway) it stays just as clean as a circumcised penis. Furthermore, if you do your job as a parent and teach your son about safe sex and not to stick it just anywhere then you don't have to worry about the STD issue that most people bring up. My boys are 3 and 4, and haven't had a problem with it. My husband is 49 and he says he has NEVER had a problem with his not being circumcised. I can't see putting a baby in that kind of pain just to make them "fit in". I am a nurse and I have seen how the procedure is done. It's not pretty. And, yes, it does hurt, contrary to popular belief.

    Source(s): Mom of 3 (2 of them boys) and an LPN
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    I believe circumcision shouldn't be necessary. If you want your child to be circumcised then that's fine, but if not then you shouldn't be tempted. Even if your child does get cut then he has a choice latter on in his life to try foreskin restoration, in which I am doing right now.

    There is only one logical reason why parents do cut their son(s): Religious purposes. If it's in your faith then feel free to follow it. But, when it comes to people who say for hygiene then why bother? If a baby boy is uncircumcised and you're worried about his hygiene, then just clean it... people make it seem like it's a difficult thing to do. I'm pretty sure the kid will figure out his penis is starting to smell and I'm pretty sure he'll clean it.

    Also, I don't think circumcision should be done at all. If a doctor is performing circumcision on a baby boy, he's causing harm towards the child. He's doing an act that will cause harm WITHOUT the child's consent. So, that being said, it's considered a sexual assault, doing bodily harm on a sex organ without the child's permission. In a sense, it's should be outlawed.

    It's just something a parent must think about before he decides on what should be done to his son. If you circumcise him you're causing harm on his body for years to come. Why should doctors altering something that nature has given us? We should just leave the child's penis alone because nature knows best.

    I'm against circumcision and thanks to modern knowledge one can restore ones foreskin if he wants to. Just remember if you circumcise a child, soon once he has a questioning nature he'll think why did you do this to him and he'll think ill of you.

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    Maple is wrong when he says it's illegal in Sweden. What they have there is just a law that says that if it's not done at a hospital (for example at home because of religious reasons) then a doctor or nurse must be present. How can a surgical procedure be illegal anywhere?


    I never had any doubt that I would have all my sons circumcised too, even after some people *tried* to convince my of their catastrophist and surrealistic theories against it.

    It’s just SO MUCH BETTER

    Circumcised men have less risk of contracting AIDS-HIV and other STD's. UP TO 70% LESS RISK, and that has been proved by scientists!

    Circumcised penises are cleaner, healthier and have no risk of contracting urinary infections. You will not have to worry if your son is washing his penis properly.

    There are several advantages for circumcised men when it comes to sexuality. First is that circumcised male have no need to worry about daily cleansing of his foreskin. Meanwhile, men with an intact foreskin must take special care to move it up and down and clean it inside its covered areas to avoid odors or serious infection because of material buildup. Consequently, there might be some bacteria and germs that could surface thus affect their sexual health.

    Most women prefer a man with a circumcised penis because it may move inside them in a less friction-based manner. Once he is inside the vagina, the unhooded penis may easily slide up and down to create pleasure for both partners (ask your partner to get circumcised too!)

    My advice: ignore the radicals and fundamentalists; these people are irrationally against circumcision, and will never ever change their main, even with all the recent research confirming the benefits of circumcision.

    Make the best decision for you son: have him CIRCUMCISED!

    Good luck!

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    You need to get it done. There is no reason to not do it.

    If you leave the child uncut, then it's going to be a lot of constant attention to the penis. Diaper changes involve lenthly cleaning, potty training is tougher because children NEVER clean themselves right when they have a foreskin. So many men end up having to get cut when they get older due to constant infections. They won't ever remember it as a child, but they'll hate it as an adult.

    Women often don't like uncut men either, and he may face ridicule from him peers in the locker room. Spare him the trauma. High school sucks enough.

    Also women have a higher risk of cervical cancer if they have an uncut partner. I don't know about you, but if I found out the love of my life got cancer because of me, I'd be devastated.

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    CIRCUMCISION IS VERY BENEFICIAL, its cleaner, healthier and several prestigious research institutions have proved that circumcised men have less risk of contracting STD's such as AIDS-HIV, syphilis or herpes.

    Uncircumcised penises are difficult to keep clean, and more prone to infections and penile cancer, studies have shown.

    A circumcised penis is naturally clean and virtually free from urinary infections. You will not have to worry again with careful washing of your penis.

    Is it NOT true that the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) does not recommend circumcision. They simply say they leave the decision to parents. But recently, and specially after the recent studies by the US National Institutes of Health, the AAP has been discussing if it may be necessary to change their policy and recommend circumcision to all newborns as they used to do, so in the future we may see that the AAP advocates circumcision again.

    Have a look at:

    About STD's:

    As I said, several studies carried out by prestigious research bodies have proved that uncircumcised penises are more prone to infections and contraction of STD's, including AIDS-HIV. It has been confirmed that circumcised men are up to 70% less likely to be infected than those who are uncircumcised. Have a look at this site:

    As for women, studies also show that circumcision also protects female partners from AIDS-HIV and other STD's. Browse this article:

    About sensitivity of a circumcised penis:

    NO medical or physiological study has ever shown that circumcision reduces sensitivity, opposed to common belief. It is completely FALSE that circumcision reduces penis sensitivity. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) confirms this on their web site; have a look at:

    Circumcision is an easy and nowadays *painless* procedure, which has many benefits, and virtually no risks.

    Circumcision is NOT an amputation. Circumcision is NOT comparable at all to female circumcision, which is something completely different.

    Circumcision rates are INCREASING nowadays, both in the United States and overseas. Many African, Asian and Latin American countries with little circumcision tradition are starting to promote the procedure to help to reduce the AIDS-HIV infection rates.

    Finally, this site has a lot of useful and *unbiased* information. Make sure you have a good look:

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    I think it's a matter of preference for parents. I didn't circumcise my son. I originally didn't want to because I didn't want him to be in pain, but I also heard that if it wasn't done properly it can cause sexual problems later in life. As far as hygiene goes, doctors say it doesn't matter one way or the other. My son is 4 and hasn't had problems with infection or cleanliness. If he gets older and decides he wants a circumcision then he can do it and have the appropriate medications available to alleviate the pain.

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    Source(s): A MOM OF A 22 YEAR OLD AND 16 YEAR OLD
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    It is barbaric! Do you know that infant circumcision is considered so harmful that it is ILLEGAL in Sweden?! Please leave your baby boy whole. Very few educated parents in the U.S. are having it done now, and it is extremely uncommon in most of the world. Your baby boy will grow up to be a man, and he will need all of his manly parts intact to have the very best kind of life as a man. It will also benefit your future daughter-in-law, as sex with an uncut man is much smoother and sensuous than sex with a mutilated man.

    Teaching him to keep himself clean is not rocket science - would you chop off his ears to spare him the horrible inconvenience of having to wash behind them?

    If he is going to want to have unprotected sex with HIV-infected women someday, circumcision will decrease his chances of becoming infected from downright awful to somewhat less awful but still very bad. One would hope that he would never put himself in that situation. And cancer of the penis is so rare that more men and boys die each year from botched circumcision than from penile cancer. That's not counting the few boys each year who have to be made into fake girls because their penis was so damaged by being cut that it had to be amputated!

    Just don't do it!

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    Boys that are circumsized get fewer infections in the long run. My brother was not circumsized at birth but then at the age of 5 the doctors ended up doing it. He was getting infections down there. It was a horrible experience because it is a major surgery then. Poor thing had trouble walking for a few days. I would just do it and get it over with. I think it is better in the long run. My son is circumsized and I dont regret doing it at all.

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    My husband and I went around about this a lot however after speaking with our pediatrician about it I saw no medical reason to have it done. New studies have proven that it doesn't help anything as long as it's kept clean it's fine. So I rather didn't want to hurt my baby. But watch- in another 10 years there will be another study supporting it. LOL.

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