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Cheat codes?

Does anyone know any cheat codes for Gears of War xbox 360??? Help please!!


I could contact you Coke, but you don't have email! Damnit!

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    There are no cheat codes but what u can do if u have xbox live is u can play co-op with other people who have probably beeten the game

    this is how i beat it

    my gamertag is man the man if u really need help

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    There are no cheats, but there is a whole list of achievements. You can also unlock insane difficulty after beating the game on casual or hardcore. If you beat the game on insane, you get a new gamerpic of marcus fenix with a crimson omen behind him. If you get the Seriously... achievement, you get a HOT gamerpic. I wish there were cheats though... If you need help with any of the campaign, i can guide you through, i already beat it on insane.

    Source(s): Owner of Gears, beat on insane
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    u could try cheat code central.

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