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I got into a car accident about a month ago. HELP!!!!?

I was in a car accident which was my fault. We filed a police report but didn't go to the insurance since i said i would pay for the damages. His car only had a few scratches. The guy said he call me the next day but only called one month later saying his bumper is going to cost $800 to replace. I took him to a body shop and they told me that the bumper could be fixed to new for $400. He has a 94 Audi. He wants a new bumper and not get the one fixed. What should I do...should i tell him to go through the insurance. Will my premium go up that much. Could he go to the insurance after one month. My insurance is State Farm.

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    Your best bet is to file with State Farm. Let them send an adjuster out to look at the damage to the clmt's car, and they will be able to tell him what cost would be. If you go through your insurance it will be easier on you financially. Because the adj with State Farm is not going to let the clmt have a new bumper, if the current one is fixable. No reasonable insurance company in there right mind would pay out to have a new bumper put on. Even his insurance company would tell him the same thing. He is trying to get more than what he is entitled to. As far as your rates go they should stay the same. A common misconception people have is that if they file a claim there rates will go up. That is not always the case. Let me break it down for you... If your are involved in an accident, and found to be at fault. As long as the damages to the other persons veh are less than 999 dollars your rates will stay the same. If there more you may face the chance of rates going up at least 10-20 percent, but that has a lot to do with how many claims you have filed since you have been with State Farm. Now if your involved in an accident, and not at fault your damages could be anywhere from 1 dollar to 10 thousand dollars, and your rates would stay the same. Again as long as you don't have a huge amount of claims filed. Im talking like 10, or 20 since you have been insd with them. As far as paying this guy directly... GO THROUGH STATE FARM.. THAT IS WHAT YOU HAVE THEM FOR.. IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS GUY IS TAKING YOU FOR A RIDE..Good luck...Just curious what state to you live in...

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    Use your insurance, that is what it exists for. These days, $800 for a bumper is crazy. Your insurance company will question the delay in reporting the claim, but be honest with them - insurance companies see your exact situation all the time.

    You questioned your premium going up. It is always a possibility, but look at it this way. He is claiming $800 worth of damage. If your insurance goes up $100/year, it will be 8 years of insurance before you pay up to what he is demanding from you today.

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    Ah... the classic customer who "doesnt want his car covered in bondo and wants everything replaced!"

    Yes, Please... dont deal with this guy.. call your insurance and file a claim (a month is fine). They are not going to give him more then he deserves to get his car to pre-loss condition.

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    the only thing to worry about is you and your relationship w/ your agent. you were involved in a accident you didn't report to them and gave this guy a reason to try to take advantage of you. be up front w/ your agent follow their advice.

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