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I am working tonite for double time. How can I keep myself from getting sleepy?

I work in a hospital and leaving the floor is not an option. I cannot drink coffee because it makes me have palpitations. What kind of things can I do to stay alert and awake.

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    dont sit down!!!! music always helps keep me awake. if u cant listen to a cd player or mp3 player, try singing to yourslef!

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    I'm assuming that it is the caffiene that makes you have the palptations. You could try drinking cold water, a sugar soda (without caffiene), or juice. When you start to get tired, splash cold water on your face, and try walikig up one or two flights of stairs to get your energy going again.

    Good luck on your double....I hope this info helps you.

  • mountain dew...eating some thing..helps..drinking water

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    sing to yourself play card when your on break

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    i heard that red bull is pretty good!!! try that!!

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