If Christmas is about Jesus...Why everybody wants to SPEND$?

and get crazy about what are you going to give me for christmas?Getting crazy at the Mall.Jesus its not about spending money.Why is so materialistic?why parents buy Violent games for kids instead talk about Jesus?

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    If Jesus is not about spending money, why do you have to give a portion of your salary to your church????

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    Because Christmas is big business. And Christmas is more than just a religious holiday---it's a cultural holiday to a lot of people also. For some reason, people have turned a holiday that was originally about giving and love into something about who can get the best and most gifts. It's sickening. I'm not even Christian, and I hate seeing how mean and nasty people get during a season that's supposed to be about thankfulness and love.

    Church is big business as well---why else would they ask you to tithe 10% of your salary to the church? And they're good at it...they make you feel guilty by using Jesus as a reason to donate money to them.

  • Your question is easily answered.

    First of all, Christmas is NOT about Jesus. If anyone who has a bible, and chooses to study it, and hold what it says to be true above what their church, their pastor, their family, or their "religion" tells them, and find out what and where Christmas comes from, they'll see it's a roman pagan holiday to the core.

    Your religion is unknown to me, but if you know of Roman Catholicism, and the "mass" they hold, then this is simply the "Mass of the Christ" or "Christmas". Jesus Christ has nothing to do with Roman pagan services, religions, nor holidays, so you can't have Christ where he never was in the first place.

    Studying further in the bible, he was most likely born in the month of September, not December. The Sun God however does have his personal celebration on.....you guessed it....Dec 25th. Again, you can't add or sneak in Christ where he never was in the first place.

    So, all this stuff with the tree? lights? candles? wreathes? Gifts? Stores? Shopping? Santa? Money and Materialism? All smoke and mirrors.....lies and paganism. All of it. And if you want to know anything truthful about the birth of Christ, read what Luke and Matthew wrote, showing the true incarnation of the God of the Universe into regular human flesh.

    And know that Christ died FOR your sins according to the scriptures (1 Cor 15:1-4) Trust his sacrifice for your sin debt, and not your own works; his shed blood, and nothing else.

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    Good questions. The first one is somewhat easier to guess at an answer. Religious holidays have often included gifts - David, Nehemiah, Esther = Purim. Even the pagan winter solstice on 12/21 from which Christmas was taken, included gift giving.

    Why so materialistic? Because our culture is built on consumption. 60% of our GNP is consumption based. W/o it we would collapse economically so the system is geared to push materialism.

    Why violent games? Stupidity is the answer I would like to give. Me thinks parents want to please their children, are like their children in enjoying the violence induced adrenlin rush.

    Thoughts along the way.

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    Christmas even though its not Jesus's birthday is a day many have set aside to celebrate his birthday. But Christmas is different now. As you have said people go broke just to get someone a gift with hopes to get one back. People are in rush to get the best gift for their kid. Some many are depressed this time of year cause they cannot afford gifts for their families. When I see all this and hear it I wonder when did they take the time to give thanks for what they have and not worry about going in debt for gifts that will end up in yard sales next year.

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    Because December 25th was traditionally the celebration of the winter solstice. It has nothing to do with Jesus. In an attempt to hide the true nature of the celebration the church co-opted the date and labeled it Jesus' birthday. Much like Easter is celebrated during the pagan festival of spring/fertility.

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    Hypocrisy. It almost seems as if Religion encourages it.

    I seem to remember some story about Jesus trashing all of the money lenders on the steps of the temple. And- there's a passage in the bible about Jesus saying that to get into heaven, you need to give away ALL your possessions. I guess the theory is that the more possessions you buy, the more you'll be able to give away? :)

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    well church is also about money, wealth, power

    talk about Jesus? that would be wonderful, if refering to a Ghandi like Jesus not the "prince of peace" that comes in a jihad to wipe out the infidels as stated in Rev 19

    xmas - gifts, solstice, green trees, darkest time of year up north, mythology, german influence and material marketing

    we live in a capitalist society, some tie that to religion and "best nation under god"

    taxes support the war, people support ideas if they are sold on it, just like religions sell people the idea of signing away thier real life for an imaginary one, demand real money for false heaven and glory land claims, and your life here is trivialized and devaluated in the mean while

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    American corporations,I'm surprised they haven't invented another Christmas in June or July so everyone will spend ,spend ,spend.

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    Traditions of man, traditions of man. That's all. I wish it would all stop and everyone put their energy and dollars toward peace on earth.

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