Has anyone been able to potty train a miniature pinscher?

Any tips?

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    Hi there,, Yes i have potty trained many Miniature Pinchers I have 4 of them and have alot litters of puppies and trained them before they go their new homes, Ok here is what i do and it works very well and very fast,, first of off you want to get a crate just big enough for him to lay down, stand up and turn around, put him in the crate if not able to be watch at all times, I take my pups out to go potty every hour and after they eat, when you are leaving for work or running errons or such, take him out to go potty and say to him "bed" and then put him in the crate when you return home take him out immdently, always keep an eye on him if not in the crate,, if you catch in the act of a accident stop him by saying in a firm voice NO! OUT SIDE then take him out to go potty, there is not reason to punish him if you dont catch him cause he wont remember, just clean it up very well, I use a product that is called "out" to clean that way they cant find the same place by smelling for it,, also when you go to bed take him out to go potty and if he goes then praise him alot make a big fuss over it,, and when you get up in the morning take him out as soon as you get up, usally it will only take about 2 weeks for them to get completely potty train and that is with consistancy it will be easier for him and you,,,

    One more thing dont get pee pads cause that is only teaching a him its ok to go potty in the house,,, I hope this has helped and if you use this method you see that is very easy and fast to get them potty trained,,, Good luck with your Min Pin they are so cool to have and very high strung lol

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    There are some exceptions but all dogs have the ability to learn to be housetrained! Breed doesn't matter. The little dogs are just better at hiding their messes!

    You have to take a firm, no nonsense approach and think positive . Be patient. Little dogs cannot hold as long even as adults. You have to be the leader, put the leash on and take out to play and potty. If you have a yard then go for it. High energy dogs. When it potties you praise. that simple, every time. Pick a special treat to be used just for rewards only. And reward once back inside. Keep near the door where dog knows.

    Pee pads can be a backup. Placed at the "let's go potty" door. Just in case. Do not replace too quick as they may feel they did wrong by using. Pads are scented to attract the dog. Praise the use of the pad also. It should learn the idea of going to the door to go out quick. There will be accidents, don't go off. Use the pad to blot up the spot and put back at door. clean spots well when you find to get rid of the odor/scent.

    The more happy and energetic you are about the "let's go potty" routine the quicker the dog will catch on.

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    Personally I have not but I have firends tha tused to raise MinPins.

    Little dogs are a bit hard to house break. Think about their size. From one end of a house to the other is long way for a small dog. Cold gets to them much faster than a large dog. The world in general is soo large and scarey!

    Take your dog out every two hours. People expect dgos to go too long wiht out going to the bathroom! Never expect your dog to go more then 4 hours with out wetting or pooping. Be reasonable. I odn't care what the manuals or th epet shop people tell you most dogs can't go 6 or 8 hours with out bathroom time! SAve your self and you rdog lots of frustratoin and heart break. Just figure on taking your dog out every 4 hours at the least!

    As I was saying take your dog out every 2 hours! Go with her. when you see her do any business give her a treat. Not just a dog biscuit a real treat, a bit of liver, or boiled chicken. Sonething nice. If she gets a very nice treat everytime she wets or poops outside she will soon make the connection!

    Once she gets where to go you have to teach her how to tell you she needs to go. Same method. Gve a nice treat for success.

    And if she makes a mistake in the house, as long as you have not made ehr wait hours to go out show her the mess, DO NOT RUB HER NOSE IN IT OR BEAT HER. show her the mess express your displeasure and take her out. If she goes when you take her out give her a nice treat. If not just bring her in , no treat no yelling.

    Key is gentle firmness with care. don't scare her or hurt her.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I have 3 chihuashuas, 3 minidoxies, a boston Terrier, 2 shishtzu mixes and 3 large dogs. 12 total.
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    You need to get a small exersice pen for dogs and put in a couple toys and a the puppy pad or paper you want it to wee wee on and when ever you are not able to to watch him put him in there and he will use the pad so he doesnt mess up his sleeping area. Or at least thats what I have been told.

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    1 decade ago

    Little dogs are extreamly hard to potty train. I have no clue why. Good luck!

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    yup its not that hard. you should get potty pads fot puppies. that has worked for lots of people.

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