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Clown Beta fish?

What is the differnce between the Clown Beta and the regular Beta fish..

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    You mean a crowntail? The difference between a CT and a 'common' pet store betta (nearly always veil tails) is the fins of the fish. Crowntails are almost always of much higher quality than common pet store betta as they come from reputable breeders and not the fish factories most pet stores purchase their stock from that cross-breed/in-breed like you wouldn't believe to pump out as many betta in the shortest amount of time possible.

    **Not that cross breeding and in-breeding with quality betta is a bad thing but the common pet store betta are usually a hodgepodge of colors due to poor breeding pair choices which makes tracing genetics for breeding pairs impossible. While I have seen many beautiful veil tails the 'regular' betta you're most likely referring to are the mutts of the betta world.

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    Yeah, no such thing as clown bettas. You might mean "crown bettas" tho...these bettas are more expensive to buy but the only difference is the fins, they have a "ragged" look to them and are slightly larger

    Source(s): fish owner
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    There is no such fish as a clown betta.

    Source(s): I have kept and bred bettas for years.
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